Beaches and Vistas of Buzios, the Best Weekend Trip from Rio de Janeiro

While the food wasn’t great in Buzios, the beaches and the landscape were extraordinary.

It’s an easy, fun, and safe mini roadtrip from Rio de Janeiro (and I hate driving!). If you’re thinking of renting a car, this is definitely the time to do it.

I’ve heard a lot of complaints that Buzios is expensive, and while I don’t think the food or accommodation are great values for the price, there is a LOT of free activities. Mainly, beach hopping and shoreline wandering.

My favorite part of the weekend trip from Rio de Janeiro was driving along the coastline, and stopping at every trailhead we saw, and following it to some spectacular and secluded spot. It’d be impossible without a car, dune buggy, or motorbike.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, especially in this case, so I’ll save my breath and let the fantastic vistas of Buzios prove themselves.

Buzios, the Best Weekend Trip from Rio de Janeiro

My own Private Beach in Buzios Brazil

private Buzios beach, all to myself!

Private Red Sand Beach in Buzios Brazil

and then, the picture-takers arrive (still pretty empty though)

Stopping at scenic overlook in Buzios Brazil

driving along the shore, discovered this little scenic lookout point – crazy hair is evidence of the wind

Rocky Lagoon in Buzios Brazil

a rocky, empty inlet perfect for exploring little tidal pools

Rocky Lagoon in Buzios Brazil

I’ve never seen such a weird mix of flora – cacti, grass, and little bushes

Rocky Lagoon in Buzios Brazil

obsessed with these weird cacti growing so close to water (I thought they were desert-only?)

Rocky Lagoon in Buzios Brazil

the waves would come in and crash against the rocks, then gently float back out

Rocky Lagoon in Buzios Brazil

lots of pics because this is one of my favorite scenes I’ve ever witnessed

Lizard in Buzios Brazil

there were hundreds of crickets and this smart little lizard was going to TOWN chowing them down

Ocean View in Buzios Brazil

the huge sheer cliffs reminded me a little of Thailand, especially with that clear water

Ocean View in Buzios Brazil

so many little paths, so many little private beaches in Buzios

Relaxing under an umbrella in Buzios Brazil

typical relaxing Brazilian beach vaca with umbrellas, chairs, drinks, and snacks

Necessary Details: Buzios 

Where to Stay in Buzios and Rio de Janeiro 
For a wider range of pricing options, check here  or Airbnb is a great value in Rio de Janeiro and in Buzios. You can use this link for 39USD off your first stay!
How to Arrive to Buzios 
The best and easiest way to arrive to Buzios is to rent a car, but you can also take the bus from Rio de Janeiro.
To arrive into Rio de Janeiro: You can take the bus into Rio de Janeiro from many destinations within Brazil, but most people choose to fly. While Copa Airlines isn’t my favorite carrier, they do usually offer the cheapest flights. To check the latest low prices on airfare to Brazil, try Skyscanner , or if you have some date and/or destination flexibility and want to score the absolute lowest prices, try
Visa information for Brazil and Visa Renewal
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What Else to Do in Rio de Janeiro
Check out my full guide to Rio de Janeiro here, which includes the best suggestions for hiking (including my favorite Morro do Leme hike), where to eat, weekend getaways from the city (including Buzios), and the best beaches.
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Viator offers a bunch of different Rio de Janeiro tour options, including for visiting Christ the Redeemer, and provides excellent customer service and refunds if anything goes wrong — much more than local operators would do.

What is your favorite weekend trip from Rio de Janeiro?


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