How to Visit Christ the Redeemer

One of the 7 Modern Wonders of the World, you don’t want to miss the Christ on your trip to Rio.

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The Expat Life: Pros & Cons of Expat Living

What is the expat life REALLY like?

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Joy and Journey Guide to Rio de Janeiro (for Tourists AND Expats)

Save yourself the trouble and skip the duds to cut straight to the best of what Rio de Janeiro has to offer.

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12 Harsh Truths about Being an Awkward American Girl in Rio de Janeiro

The struggle is real for an awkward American girl in one of Latin America’s sexiest cities.

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Reveillon: Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Rio de Janeiro

While you’ve got a month before you need to SERIOUSLY consider your New Year’s Eve plans, some of you might already be getting a jump on things… not that I plan my NYE plans like… View Post

16 Realizations about Rio de Janeiro: Life as an Expat

After a little over a year in Rio de Janeiro as an expat, here are my top realizations about the city that I wouldn’t have picked up on as a tourist. Some are silly, some are… View Post

Open Letter to the “Macho” Men of Rio de Janeiro

A plea to the least pleasant part of Rio de Janeiro: its men.

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Brazilian Beach Checklist

What to know before you head to a Brazilian beach – what to bring and what to leave at home!

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10 Reasons I Love Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro definitely isn’t all bad… like the crazy availability of snacks everywhere you turn, how a simple stroll feels like a scene out of Beauty and the Beast. Oh, yeah, and those ridiculously beautiful beaches definitely don’t hurt either.

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Going to a Hospital in Rio de Janeiro – NOT Recommended

My hospital experience in Rio de Janeiro was less than pleasant – do you have any recommendations for going to foreign hospitals?

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