Apt Rentals

After more than 10 years abroad, I know one of the most difficult parts of living and traveling internationally is finding the place you’re going to live. Navigating different rental systems, cultural customs, and just simply finding a property that has the amenities and location you’re looking for (at the price you can afford), can all be quite a challenge. 

Your home (temporary May it be) is so closely tied to your feelings of safety and rest. Being in an uncomfortable apartment or dealing with a toxic landlord can threaten your foundational requirement of shelter, and the emotional need for security.

On the flip side, being in an incredible home that feels like HOME can enhance your experience of a place, and your life as a whole.

I am now representing a few boutique high-end properties throughout Mexico. I personally vouch for the property and for the owner (you WILL get your security deposit back in these situations if you return the apartment in the same condition you found it, which if you know renting in Mexico, you’ll know is not the norm). 

The properties I represent are the highest quality, highest comfort, with the best amenities, and trustworthy, enjoyable multilingual owners (or with me to translate and facilitate).

Stay tuned for long and short term properties in Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta, Baja California, and beyond!