5 Best Shoes for Trekking

Do you think you will be able to go on a long trekking tour with uncomfortable footwear? Surely not! Once you set out on a long journey on foot, you must wear something that makes you feel comfortable and allows you to walk freely without giving swollen feet or blisters. Good footwear is essential to carry especially during trekking. Mountaineers and hill climbers are always mindful about what they wear and everything they have to carry. Not many people use their brains when they set out for long journeys. In this article I will tell you about five best shoes for trekking that you can pack in your bag. Though I am not suggesting you buy all of them, but you can select one out of the given options.

1.      Brooks Cascadia

If you are obsessed with jazzy colors, you must grab a pair of these shoes right now. The cliché myth regarding these shoes is that they are extra flashy, but the truth is that the vibrant color they have is their main quality. They can take you on rocky hills, up and down and also allow to jump easily. If you’re a marathon lover you must have these shoes in your house. The upper mesh of the shoes allow for more air to pass through, but they won’t last long like a typical leather shoe pair.

2.      Vasque Mantra GTX waterproof trail shoe

As the name implies, the most important quality of this shoe is that it can be worn in places where there’s a lot of water. However, the best use is to wear them during normal walking and occasional trekking. The pair is very light in weight, yet very sturdy and rock solid for the rooted rails. They’re very comfortable to wear and walk with during a typical rainy season when there are many puddles and street rivulets.

3.      New Balance Vazee Summit

This new fashion trend has rampantly taken over the market as soon as it penetrated. The shoe is very flexible in texture, and one can easily wear it during a normal day. The specialty of these shoes is that they uplift hydrohesion sole for slippery surfaces. These shoes come in a magnified width which is a big benefit for those who have flat feet. They can be worn easily with or without socks.

4.      Boot Keen Targhee III Mid WP Hiking Boots

If you want to walk extra confident during the trekking trip, you can wear these mid-height boots. The targhee has been a common favorite for both men and women for a long time now. Another interesting quality of these boots is that they are waterproof and can allow one to walk through small streams. They are a bit heavy but very solid in texture. Users claim that these boots work very well for winter season.

5.      Keen Women’s Terradora Hiking Shoe

If you want a shoe that is comfortable while walking, running and strolling tamer paths, you must have this pair in your bag. The traditional trail shoes are very beefy in weight, but this shoe is lighter than them. The terradora is designed especially for women who are out for trekking with family or on a solo trip. They complement well with yoga pants and can suffice for a travel trip. If you have kids along, you must install the gps tracker to know about their whereabouts.


Make sure that you choose a pair that is the right fit for your tour. Always carry two different pairs so that there’s no stress of losing one pair if it has been overused.


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