Public Transportation and Travel

How important is public transportation for traveling?

The public transportation sector is one of the key components of a country’s thriving tourism industry. It paves the way for travellers to experience plenty of opportunities where they can fully immerse themselves in the rich culture of the land. In a study by Rufat Mammadov, he claimed, from time to time, tourism is “called a factory without chimney.” Meaning, it has its own characteristics, qualities that set it from the other economies. For this reason alone, many countries have put a premium on establishing a fantastic public transportation system.

Start at the entry point of one’s intercontinental journey: the airport. In London, where two of the biggest and busiest landing fields in the world are located, they make it a point to come up with convenient ways of alleviating various concerns. For instance, an English airport such as Gatwick reflects the excellent transportation sector of the country. In fact, it has four parking options for driving travellers namely North Terminal’s long stay and summer special parking, as well as South Terminal’s long stay and long stay plus, according to UK-based price comparison site, Parking4Less. For commuters, popular choices are the plethora pre-booked service buses and the Gatwick Express. The former’s the more affordable preference, while the latter’s the more efficient alternative.

Of course, countries have different modes of transportation around cities, but arguably the cheapest one of them all is by doing it on foot. A country like Italy is known to have locales as beautiful as its cuisines. Take Florence as an example. Its small, historical center is ideal for travellers to connect with locals. With or without an itinerary, exploring the city on foot allows wanderers to discover everything that hides behind those famous architectural marvels and historic sites. Besides visiting the likes of Centro Storico and Piazzale Michelangelo, tourists can also stumble upon those unassuming cafés and charming shops just by walking. In addition, navigating the city on foot burns a decent amount of calories especially after indulging on a sumptuous Italian feast.

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Indeed, having a decent public transportation system really does wonders to the tourism industry of a country. Not only does it contribute to the overall state, it’s a driving force for travellers to truly fall in love with the place.

Which city has had the best public transportation that you’ve visited?


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