8 Best Restaurants for Vegetarians in Granada, Nicaragua

I totally disagree with the stereotype that Central America (or really, Latin America in general) is tough for vegetarians. Yes, it definitely requires a bit more research (or flexibility and Spanish skills), but it’s certainly not impossible or unpleasant to eat vegetarian.

I found Granada, Nicaragua to have a wealth of delicious vegetarian options in the week I spent there. So many, in fact, that I ran out of time to try them all!

These are my top picks for vegetarian restaurants in Granada…

1. Pita Pita 

The best meal I’ve had in months was at Pita Pita: labneh, Greek salad, and extra pita (that was WAY too much food but no regrets: my leftovers were enough for my subsequent meals of dinner and breakfast). While simple, the dishes were perfectly executed, with the veggies so fresh they felt like they’d just jumped off the farm.

Most importantly, though, was the pita. OH THE PITA! Hands down, this is the best pita outside of Israel.

I love me some Middle Eastern food, but I haven’t been ANYWHERE outside of Israel that has pita like I like it (until HERE!!). Soft, pillowy, slightly chewy, substantial enough to hold up to stuffing but not too tough = perfection.

Aside from the pita that I’ll never shut up about, Pita Pita has delicious salads, on-point labneh, and makes all your Middle Eastern foodie dreams come true. It is a tad pricey but oh-so-worth-it.

Location: Calle Cervantes
Open: Daily, 12PM-10PM
Website (Menu here)

2. El Garaje

El Garaje in Granada, Nicaragua

Photo: El Garaje

With tons of creative vegetarian and vegan options (and delish soups and salads), El Garaje is housed in an airy courtyard sprinkled with works of art and plants (my favorite decor style).

The hours seem to be a bit wavery, so double-check.

Location: Calle Corrales From Convento San Francisco
Open: Monday – Friday, 11:30AM-3:30PM
Website (Sample menu here)

3. Garden Cafe

Garden Cafe in Granada Nicaragua

There are a ton of vegetarian options at the Garden Cafe, mains, snacks, and smoothies. I loved absolutely everything I ate, and I wish I would have discovered it earlier in my Granada trip (I would have been there a lot more often).

Basically: Delicious food, relaxing atmosphere, great ethics.

The Garden Cafe launched Granada’s “skip the straw” campaign, uses ecologically friendly to-go containers, and recycles like craaaazy. They also provide great benefits and educational opportunities for their staff.

Location: Calle Libertad
Open: Daily, breakfast served from 7AM-11AM, lunch from 11AM-3PM, dinner from 3PM-9PM

4. Pure Cafe

Simple, vegetarian food with a short, simple menu. So I’ll keep this short.

Location: Calle Corrales, Convento San Francisco 1.5 Blocks to the lake
Website (Menu here)

5. Cafe de Las Sonrisas

Cafe de Las Sonrisas in Granda, Nicaragua

If you’re looking for a peaceful, low-key spot that supports an incredible initiative, this is your place! They’ve got several simple, vegetable-packed vegetarian choices at affordable prices (and HUGE portions – go hungry).

This restaurant also made my list of top sustainability projects in Granada to check out!

Location: Calle Real Xalteva, junto Hotel Real Merced
Open: Monday through Saturday (closed Sunday), 7AM-3:30PM (except Saturday, which closes at 2:30PM)

6. Burrito Loco

Tex-Mex deliciousness, and inexpensive with big portions to boot! They’ve got all your gooey cheese favorites (especially for veg: vegetarian burritos, vegetarian salad with grilled vegetables, and vegetarian quesadillas), and blended margaritas.

Location: Calle Libertad, del Bac, media cuadra al Oeste.
Open: Everyday, 10AM-10PM

7. Taco Stop

Taco Stop

This is basically Nicaraguan Chipotle. If you get it at Chipotle, you can probably find it at the Taco Stop (including bowls!).

This place is also the ultimate drunk-munchies stop (it’s open til 5AM on weekends).

Location: Antiguo Cine Karawala
Open: Monday-Tuesday 10:30AM-Midnight, Wednesday-Thursday 10:30AM-3AM, Friday-Sunday 10:30AM-5AM
Website (Menu here)

8. Bocadillos

Bocadillos in Granada, Nicaragua

Photo: Bocadillos

Right next to Casa San Francisco, this place is super popular for dinner (you’ll often see people lining up out the door). With seating in the main restaurant and in the garden, you’ve got your pick of vibes (all low-key romantic). The menu has many vegetarian options, and is VERY affordably priced (especially for the atmosphere).

Location: 207 Calle Corrales, next to Hotel Casa San Francisco
Open: Monday-Thursday 3pm-9pm, Friday-Sunday 12pm-9pm
Website (Menu here)

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Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Granada Nicaragua

Do you have a favorite restaurant in Granada that I’ve neglected to share? Or a favorite dish or recommendation for one of these 9? Please let me know!


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