TreeCasa: A Mindful Getaway in San Juan Del Sur

San Juan del Sur was a conflicted inclusion on my Nicaraguan itinerary.

The upsides: a beach right in town and shuttles to other seaside options, a celebrated yoga studio (with classes in English!), and lots of veggie-friendly food.

Sounds like a slam-dunk, right?

The only problem: SJDS has a reputation for being happy hour-fueled and party-centric, which can be a blast, but wasn’t really what I was looking for on my two-week, mindful-travel-focused (…and alcohol-free) solo exploration of Nicaragua.

TreeCasa was the perfect solution.

A Mindful Getaway in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua: TreeCasa Resort

A gorgeous getaway set in the jungle about 15 minutes from SJDS center, TreeCasa is close enough to the beach and action (especially easy with conveniently scheduled, free shuttles from SJDS central), but far enough from the noise – and Sunday Funday – to let me focus on rejuvenation, relaxation, and meditation.

8 Reasons TreeCasa is the PERFECT Choice for A Mindful SJDS Itinerary

(or any itinerary, really)

1. Childhood dreams re-imagined

TreeCasa: A Mindful, Sustainable Getaway in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

I don’t know what it was, but as a kid, I was seriously obsessed with treehouses (wasn’t everyone?). Whether it was being up high, away from parents, in my own little world, or maybe more likely: the opportunity to be close to and sheltered by nature, I LOVED any opportunity to hang in a tree house.

TreeCasa has re-envisioned this childhood fascination with sophistication and style. The adult treehouse accommodations are sexy and subtle, while still encompassing all the favorite elements of childhood: nearness to nature, in your own world, being up high and a feeling of “away from it all”.

A Mindful Getaway in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua: TreeCasa Resort

More grown up elements – not present in my childhood treehouse – like comfy bathrobes, locally grown Nicaraguan coffee (and a French press!), and a minifridge were appreciated and added to the feeling of luxuriousness. And that bed! So many pillows and SO very comfortable.

TreeCasa: A Mindful, Sustainable Getaway in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

While I was solo, TreeCasa would be an uber-romantic stay for an anniversary or honeymoon, especially for adventurous and/or eco-minded couples.

2. Best food in San Juan Del Sur (…or Nicaragua)

Vegetable skewers

My BEST meals were had at TreeCasa, hands-down. It’s a total vegetarian paradise and goes far beyond rice and beans or simple veggie burgers. Every single element is delicious in its own right, and you can taste the quality and care that obviously goes into every step of the meal.

The vegetable skewer plate ($10) was the best dish I had in ALL of Nicaragua, and breakfast was on-point as well. The coffee was among the most delicious I’ve ever had.

3. Even fresher than “farm to table”

A Mindful Getaway in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua: TreeCasa Resort

If you’re into “farm to table” food, TreeCasa’s own garden to table food will blow your mind. You can literally taste the freshness, as the produce comes from just 200 meters  from the restaurant itself, in TreeCasa’s own garden.

TreeCasa also offers cooking classes, which I SO wish I had participated in! I miss those veggie skewers!!

4. Environmentally friendly

A Mindful Getaway in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua: TreeCasa Resort

Aside from using local produce (like, growing their own), TreeCasa has an organic gardener who creates compost from the kitchen’s scraps. Recycling at its most delicious!

Fresh filtered water is provided in each room (and at the pool), encouraging guests to fill up water bottles rather than purchase disposable, plastic bottles. I LOVE this!

In addition to AC units, fans are also provided. I like to sleep cool, but I found that I didn’t even need my AC, thanks to the fan and the airy design of the Casa.

Ample, breezy outdoor space (aside from the gorgeous pool and restaurant areas) in the rooms encourage visitors to be outside. It’s hard to say no to the comfy hammocks on the porch!

A Mindful Getaway in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua: TreeCasa Resort

The raised walkways throughout the property (and winding around the central tree) allow guests to participate in and walk through nature without stepping on, crushing, or damaging it.

5. Support the local community

TreeCasa is about to start eco-educational environmental programs with children from the local school, and is working on other longterm activities with the children’s mothers…. among many other new, exciting projects. Stay tuned!

6. Focus on nature

Sustainable and environmentally friendly resort in San Juan Del Sur

The gorgeous water feature that is central to the TreeCasa view is a naturalist pond, added for sustainable water management and to provide habitats for native turtles, fish, and iguanas.

A Mindful Getaway in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua: TreeCasa Resort

As a whole, the style blends in with the local ecology rather than fighting against it: everything looks like it belongs and participates in nature. Even the warm and earthy tones and textures of the casa room reflect this mentality, along with the beautiful artisanal ceiling.

A Mindful Getaway in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua: TreeCasa Resort

The spaces throughout the resort provide ample opportunity to be open to nature, and to utilize the wind for a cooling, refreshing breeze rather than rely on electricity-hungry AC.

7. Aspirational intent

TreeCasa: A Mindful, Sustainable Getaway in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

More than just a place to stay, TreeCasa has loftier intentions and goals (and if you know me, you KNOW I love intentions and goals).

TreeCasa’s vision is “rooted in the majestic jungle and dedicated to forming deeper connections between the natural environment and the people who would come to build, create and experience life at TreeCasa.”

TreeCasa’s guiding principles:

  • To provide space for individual experience and growth

  • To create a place for groups to connect, learn, and create

  • To offer branches of discovery, surprise and FUN(!) to all who pass through

  • To present a beautiful canvas on which visitors can add their touches

  • To build a platform to support real, enduring social change and sustainable living at the local level

8. Day trippable

TreeCasa: A Mindful, Sustainable Getaway in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

TreeCasa is so incredible that it often books up full, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out! You don’t need to stay at TreeCasa to experience its awesomeness. The multiple-times-daily shuttle will whisk you away to the TreeCasa wonderland for FREE (you pay $15 up front, but you get that back in resort credit, which you can spend on the delicious food and drinks). Enjoy the restaurant, enjoy the pool, and just relax idyllically surrounded by nature.

TreeCasa Shuttle Schedule in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

If you’re a remote worker, TreeCasa has the best wifi in San Juan Del Sur. Scratch that, it has the best wifi I experienced in all of Nicaragua. I heard abysmal things about so-called coworking space NomadLife from 8 different people staying there, so skip that and just day pass up to TreeCasa for better wifi, better vibes, and incredible food.

Lucky you: April and May 2018 Special

Stay 3 nights and pay for 2 in a king bed or double bed Canopy Suites with single or double occupancy including breakfast daily. Price subject to taxes and resort fee, and needs to be booked direct on the website here.
You can also book on Agoda or Booking (but won’t get any current website special), with rates starting at $160/night.

While I was a complimentary guest of TreeCasa, my thoughts and opinions remain my own.

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The perfect getaway resort in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua


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  1. March 8, 2018 / 4:18 am

    Looks fabulous. We wished to visit while house sitting in Granada but could not leave for a day or more since we fed street dogs rolling up to the home daily. This sounds perfect for me too; not a party type. The jungle setting works as well. Less party, more nature. Right up my alley. The only thing I struggled with Nica-wise is their accent. Sometimes I didn’t feel Spanish was being spoken LOL. Different feel than the neighboring Ticos or of course, South American Spanish, where this gringo got by A-OK.


  2. January 29, 2024 / 2:46 am

    This looks incredible! I loved San Juan del Sur, but a tree casa seems like a dream getaway. When I visited I stayed at an eco resort/ sea turtle sanctuary. I just might have to come back to experience a tree casa though.

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