• My AirBnB Nightmare in Rome

    Last month, I planned a dream trip to Rome for myself and my best friend. Almost everything went off without a hitch – even the weather was incredible. It would have LITERALLY been the most perfect vacation imaginable. If it wasn’t for my Airbnb nightmare.

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    How Do I Extend My Brazilian Tourist Visa? (& other Brazil visa questions)

    How do I get a Brazilian tourist visa (do I need one)? How do I extend my Brazilian tourist visa? What happens if I overstay my Brazilian tourist visa? All of these questions answered (and MORE!)

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    Koh Mook Thailand

    Another stunning Koh Mook sunset on my ill-planned sister trip in Thailand.

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    Top 5 Things to Do in Rome

    Restaurant and site suggestions for the best attractions (and surrounding eateries) in Rome.

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    5 Ways to Ruin a First Time Traveler’s Trip

    Follow my lead in almost destroying my sister’s trip to Thailand and causing stress, frustration, and arguments (through my own best of intentions).

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    Getting a Bamboo Tattoo in Thailand: My Experience on Koh Phi Phi

    The buckets consumed did NOT dull the pain enough – it HUUUUUUUURT!

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    Vang Vieng, Laos

    This photo was taken while having dinner at a little guest house along the river in Vang Vieng, Laos in June 2014. The sun began setting as I enjoyed a Beerlao (THE BEST), and the… View Post

    Sleeping in Airports

    Would YOU sleep in an airport to save time and money?
    Tips for maximizing your airport overnighting experience

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    In Memory of My Mother

    My mother’s childhood took her across countries and states. Unlike mine.

    Her adult life (and therefore my childhood) saw our family firmly planted in the small radius of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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    Moving : Expat Housing in Rio de Janeiro

    Advice and suggestions based on my recent Rio move.

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