I Want to Be Hotel B in Barranco, Lima

Have you ever had a friend that was almost impossibly cool? Someone beautiful, always on trend, and just fun to be around. Their awesomeness seemed effortless and light, and instead of feeling lame and lesser in comparison, you actually felt uplifted in their presence…

Hotel B is that ridiculously cool friend, has that certain “je ne sais quoi” (though I can pinpoint quite a few particular reasons I love this place), and you WILL feel your coolness quotient elevate by at least 25% just by checking-in.

I promise.

What’s so appealing about Hotel B?

Let me count the ways…

Hotel B, Barranco, Lima, Peru

Bang for the Buck at Hotel B in Barranco, Lima

While I prefer my hotel rooms to come outfitted with comfy robes and gorgeous decor (who doesn’t?) – I don’t want to break the bank for a luxury experience.

A stay at Hotel B starts at $315 a night, but this price is a steal when considering the overall luxurious experience. This would be the perfect hotel for an indulging night or two after a Machu Picchu trek, for example, or for a romantic getaway The vibe is very chic and sexy, and I’d also recommend it for a stop on a South American honeymoon.

The additional amenities included in the rack price are especially noteworthy and feel extra indulgent.

The high tea, served every afternoon, is equally good-tasting as it is good-looking. With a variety of sweet and salty snack choices, there are ample options for everyone, even vegetarians like me. Breakfast is also served buffet style, with a huge range of dishes sure to suit any palate, plus a tasty menu of made-to-order eggs and other hot dishes. I’ve had a lot of incredible hotel breakfasts, but I think Hotel B’s is my favorite so far.

Hotel B Barranco, Lima, Peru Hotel B Barranco, Lima, Peru Hotel B Barranco, Lima, Peru Hotel B Barranco, Lima, Peru

The high quality toiletries within the room are also worth mentioning, and include shampoo, soap, and even a concoction for the bath. I appreciated that the toiletries were presented in refillable containers, as I hate the waste associated with the more typical tiny plastic bottles.

Location Location Location!

Upscale Hotel B is set in the trendy Barranco district of Lima, Peru’s hippest city. I prefer the Barranco neighborhood to the slightly more touristy Miraflores, as it is less busy and feels smaller, but Miraflores is just a short taxi (or bus ride) away.

While Barranco feels small and intimate, that’s not to say it isn’t packed with things to do and see. Cafes, restaurants, pretty parks, and a stunning sea view are all just a walk away from the front door of the hotel, a block or two in any direction.

Barranco, Lima, Peru Barranco, Lima, Peru Barranco, Lima, Peru

Other neighborhoods (like aforementioned Miraflores, or the history-packed Center) are easily accessed via “El Metropolitano”, the new BRT (bus rapid transit) system which lets you bypass traffic. If buses aren’t your thing (though in this case, you might want to reconsider as it is truly modern, clean, and efficient), taxis are easily hailed. Uber has also come to Peru, and I utilized the app for super low fares whenever I wasn’t using the BRT.

That being said, if you’d rather hang out in the hotel, there are some incredible common areas. My favorite is the rooftop lounge, which is rumored to be the perfect place to take in a sunset on a cloudless day.

Hotel B Barranco, Lima, Peru Hotel B Barranco, Lima, Peru Hotel B Barranco, Lima, Peru Hotel B Barranco, Lima, Peru Hotel B Barranco, Lima, Peru

Hotel B’s Wow factor

My first impression of Hotel B was old school, indulgent elegance. A suited-up security guard leapt in front to open the door for me, and the receptionist poured me a chilled glass of champagne to sip throughout the check-in process. Ah, this is the life!

Every little detail of Hotel B exudes elegance and chic cool, including each and every exquisitely dressed staff member. The hotel managers and receptionists look like they’d be proclaimed “best dressed” at a fancy cocktail party.

The hotel itself is a Belle Epoque style mansion, filled with beautiful, unique art that is reflective of the history of the home and the region. Staying in Hotel B is like staying in a very cool and trendy yet timeless art museum, an effect supported by the mostly white interior splashed with pops of vibrant color.

Hotel B Barranco, Lima, Peru Hotel B Barranco, Lima, Peru Hotel B Barranco, Lima, Peru  Hotel B Barranco, Lima, Peru

Classic, yet modern and hip.

The room themselves are blessed by high ceilings, interesting architectural details, and a variety of heavy, complementary textures. Every fabric literally feels luxurious to the touch. The mood is sexy and sensual without being overwhelming, and the room fixtures add to the feeling. The extra-tall mirrors reflect light, the oversized bed is comfortable and welcoming, and the central bath tub just beckons for a dip.

Hotel B Barranco, Lima, Peru Hotel B Barranco, Lima, Peru Hotel B Barranco, Lima, Peru Hotel B Barranco, Lima, Peru Hotel B Barranco, Lima, Peru

Solo travel safety at Hotel B

The hotel itself is located in a very secure location in a safe neighborhood. Still, a guard is always on watch at the front of the hotel, and any potential visitor must pass by him first to enter the lobby, which is attended by 24 hour front desk reception.

Any time I went to receive an Uber, the security guard checked the license plate, and stood outside to watch me safely enter. This was a nice touch, especially for a woman traveling alone. In general, I felt very safe.

Hotel B Barranco, Lima, Peru

Within the guest room, the door feels quite secure, and there are locks on the windows.

The gorgeously hefty, tasseled B room key (which I seriously wanted to steal and bring home for my sister Becca) might not add any safety bonus, but it sure is beautiful…. just like the rest of the incredible Hotel B.

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A Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi at Hotel B: Barranco, Lima    A Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi at Hotel B: Barranco, Lima

What does a hotel need to make you fall for it?


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  1. christopher
    June 29, 2017 / 9:28 am

    Love this! My wife and I are very interested in doing Lima (no Machu Picchu/Cusco/etc., but just Lima) as a 4- or 5-day getaway from NYC–it seems like there’s plenty to do without leaving Lima at all (it feels somewhat like Mexico City in that way, it seems, unless we are wrong).

    Anyhow, we’ve been eyeing Hotel B (and Barranco) as our base, but just need to get the timing figured out.

    Can’t wait! Thank you for the post!

    • Steph
      June 29, 2017 / 10:33 am

      Thanks so much, Christopher! Yes, I agree, it very much reminds me of Mexico City (my former homebase:) ). Lots of very distinct, unique, and interesting neighborhoods to explore. A guide told me that the historic center has had increased police presence and a focus on revitalization (also like Mexico City), so it feels very safe to walk around.

      I loved Barranco as my base. It was perfect for getting around to other places (I did a walking tour downtown in the historic center one day, for example, and I went to Miraflores to try some vegetarian restaurants), but also an awesome neighborhood in itself. Very walkable, with many cafes and restaurants to explore.

      The only thing I would change about Hotel B is that I wished I brought my husband!! I feel like it is the perfect couple’s getaway hotel. Relaxing, with an air of romance and indulgence… yet not too feminine. The hotel staff were BEYOND helpful, especially in suggesting things to do and see around Barranco.

      I hope you guys enjoy, and feel free to shoot any questions my way!

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