Hot Summer Season Problem Solved: Staying Cool on the Beach, Roadtrips, and Beyond

For the first time I can remember, I’m really looking forward to having a three-month chunk of zero international travel. Who in their right mind says that? Either someone craving a bit of downtime and stability, OR someone who REALLY loves their home town…

I guess I’m both!

I’ll be spending June, July, and August here in Mexico – and I can’t wait!

While I won’t be using my passport, that doesn’t mean I’ll be stuck inside. I plan to soak up as much sun, fun, and low-season activities as possible.

It’s the hot sweaty summer season here in Puerto Vallarta, which means low season for tourists: the snowbirds fly home, international visitors stay away – aside from the few looking to score incredible deals, and the pace of life slows down exponentially (not that this town is ever crazy or fast-paced, but still).

Puerto Vallarta RIGHTNOW… In other words: hot, sticky, sweaty allllll the time

Hot season also means that my usual cup coozie just ain’t cutting it. I’m outside for barely 10 minutes before the ice in my drink has melted. My insulated travel cup isn’t faring much better. And that’s not good because: 1. I can’t drink warm drinks or watered down ice coffee (#spoiled) and 2. staying hydrated is essential in this hot weather.

Because I don’t want to be trapped inside for the next 4 or 5 months (the heat doesn’t start letting up until October or so), and I want to take advantage of the pool, and beach, and waterfalls, I’ve been struggling to find a cooler that is easy to carry and high-performance for lasting in this heat.

Luckily, I stumbled across the Tourit line of carryable coolers (they have some INCREDIBLE backpack coolers I’ll check out next). Because I tend to be that friend who goes overboard with every event, picnic, or holiday, I opted for a bigger cooler that I can fill to the brim for group outings, or just throw in a couple water bottles and snacks for me (and my Tupperware of spa towels, which I’ll explain below) if I’m planning a solo day reading at the beach, so I settled on the Tourit 20-Can Leakproof cooler.

Photo: Tourit

The cooler is super lightweight (I’ve got little upper-body strength, so this is key for me), full of bonus features (like that built-in beer opener!) and comes with two different carry options: handles or a strap. The construction is heavy-duty and high-quality (they even provide zipper lube, seriously), and feels so much more high performance than the styrofoam cooler I’m used to. Only choosing items that last (and don’t get tossed and take up space in a landfill, like that styrofoam cooler after it broke) is a key part of my strategy in living more sustainably: this cooler fits in perfectly.

You can buy online at the Tourit store here, or the full line of coolers are available on Amazon as well (in 5 different countries), sometimes at a discount:

Side note: I love when a company SUGGESTS checking out Amazon for a deal!

When it comes to staying cool, Tourit means business and provides these tips on packing a cooler that’ll stay cold:

  • Pre-chill whatever you’re planning on putting in the cooler (drinks, snacks, etc)
  • Place items in first, and then the ice on top to cover them (cold air is heavier and sinks down, ya’ll)
  • Loose ice cools quickly, while block ice cools longer
  • Melted ice water preserves non-melted ice better than air: don’t dump your cooler until you’re done with your day!

Ready for the pool!

Now for my own hot day pro tip: refreshing cooler spa towels!

First, collect your ingredients:

  • a long, wide tupperware dish
  • several small towels (mine are brown, “spa traditional” is white)
  • rejuvenating essential oil (lemon is my fave, but eucalyptus and orange also work)
  • small bowl
  • something to mix with
  • fresh water

Then, make your spa towels:

  1. Combine one-half cup of water with three drops of essential oil per towel you’ll be using in the small bowl, and stir to mix.
  2. Roll up your small towels to the best of your ability (aka I suck at this).
  3. Put the towel rolls in the tupperware.
  4. Pour the essential oil/water mix over top.
  5. Close the tupperware lid, flip back and forth to evenly coat the towels.
  6. Put the towel tupperware in the fridge, and then add to your cooler when you’re ready to go.
  7. Grab a towel when you’re feeling hot, wipe off your face, arms, neck, chest, wherever is feeling sweaty.
  8. Voila, a dash of spa treatment even in the middle of the beach or on a poolside lounger. Work that self-care in wherever you can, people!

(Shoutout to my incredible Aunt Judy and Joni, two of the best hostesses I know, from whom I learned the life-changing spa towel tip.)

While I received a Tourit cooler to test out, I wasn’t obligated to provide a positive review. As always, my opinion and recommendations remain my own.



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