Where to Sleep at the Mexico City Airport

There’s a whole bunch of reasons you might need to overnight at a Mexico City airport hotel: long layovers, plane delays (and ugh: cancellations), late arrivals, early departures. While the necessity of the situation is clear, it’s not always easy to decide where or how to spend your time.

Luckily for you, I’ve spent too many nights in and around the Mexico City airport, sampling a wide variety of options for every budget and situation.

No matter your situation, I’ve got a sleeping recommendation for you. With options for every level of budget and comfort requirement, you won’t fly tired again… whether you’ve got zero pesos to spare or a whole wad of cash, and whether you’re opting to crash on some seats or splurge on the Marriott.

Courtyard Marriott Mexico City Airport Hotel

All of the following overnight options for Mexico City airport hotels have been personally tested and rated by me on a scale of “$” to “$$$$$ “in terms of budget, and “*” to “*****” in terms of comfort.

Happy flying (and hopefully snoozing at a Mexico City airport hotel instead of the bench)!

Hotels Inside Mexico City Airport

All of the following recommendations are hotels inside Mexico City airport, literally: you don’t have to exit the terminal to access them, simply follow the signs!

(There is a train that connects Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, in case you’re flying into Terminal 1 but staying in Terminal 2, or vice versa. Be sure to have your plane ticket or flight confirmation for the next morning handy in case the security asks, as it’s technically required for boarding the train)

Marriott Courtyard Mexico City Airport Hotel

Courtyard Marriott Mexico City Airport Hotel

Mexico City Airport Hotel Terminal 1

Cost: $$$$$ Comfort: *****

Book It! Marriott.com or Booking.com


This is my #1 choice for a Mexico City airport hotel, if you’ve got the funds.

The hotel is just the right amount of fancy-feeling, while also still comfortable. For being in the airport, it is incredibly quiet (the rooms have some crazy-good soundproofing going on: I didn’t hear any plane noise or even guest noise like elevators or conversations), and so restful.

Hands down, if you can, stay at the Marriott. The hotel is right in the airport, separated only by a short walkway, so you can be out of your room and into the security line in less than 10 minutes.

Camino Real Mexico City Airport Hotel

Camino Real Mexico City Airport Hotel

Mexico City Airport Hotel Terminal 1

Cost: $$$ (Prices around $85 per night) Comfort: ***

Book it! Booking.com


While cheaper than the other in-airport options like the Hilton or the Marriot, the Camino Real is definitely not in the same league.

The hotel itself is very dated, in every aspect from amenities to style. The elevators are rickety and slow. In my room, the AC and wifi didn’t work.

The one bonus is that it’s right in the terminal, which means you can get in and out fairly quickly (though even the check-in and check-out process were unnecessarily slow).

Hilton Mexico City Airport Hotel

Hilton Mexico City airport hotel

Mexico City Airport Hotel Terminal 1

Cost: $$$$ (Prices around $100USD per night) Comfort: *****

Book it! Hilton.com or Booking.com


The Hilton is on par with the Marriott in terms of amenities, and tends to be just slightly pricier. It’s classy and comfortable, and located right in the airport.

IzZzleep Mexico City Airport Hotel

Mexico City Airport Capsule Hotel Terminal 1 AND Terminal 2

Cost: $$ (Prices around $30 per night) Comfort: *

Book it! Booking.com


This Japanese-style capsule hotel offers a bright and white, very modern aesthetic.

Each guest gets their own sleep “pod” container, while sharing bathrooms, showers, and a small common area.

The bad: I got stuck inside my pod when it malfunctioned. Before that, it was incredibly loud and hard to sleep.

I think it’s an absolutely great idea, that every airport should adopt, but in this case it was with HORRIBLE execution. I hope that they’ve replaced their original, childish manager, who insulted me for complaining when my pod shorted out, and trapped me inside (freaking terrifying).

If they’ve worked out all the bugs (trust me, you don’t want to get stuck like I did), be sure to bring a water bottle, headphones or ear plugs, and warm clothes.

NH Hotel Mexico City Airport

NH Hotel Mexico City Airport

Mexico City Airport Hotel Terminal 2

Cost: $$$ (Prices around $90USD per night) Comfort: ****

Book it! Booking.com


Your one Mexico City Airport hotel option for Terminal 2, the NH Hotel is connected to the airport, so you don’t even have to leave the terminal to enter the hotel!

NH Hotel Mexico City Airport Terminal 2

The NH Hotel describes its style as “modern luxury”, while still offering reasonable prices.

Hotels Within the Airport Complex But Not Connected to the Airport

Fiesta Inn Mexico City Airport Hotel

Fiesta Inn Mexico City Airport Hotel

Across from Terminal 1 in Mexico City Airport

Cost: $$$ (Prices around $75 per night) Comfort: ****

Book it! Booking.com


The big bonus of this hotel is the free shuttle service from the terminals, and the pool! Other than that, it’s a pretty basic, standard airport hotel that runs about $30-50USD per night cheaper than the “in-airport” options.

We Hotel

We Hotel Mexico City Airport

Across from Terminal 1 in Mexico City Airport

Cost: $$$ (Prices around $70USD per night) Comfort: ***

Book it! Booking.com


The We Hotel offers a free airport shuttle, and the rooms are modern but small and basic. It’s one of the best value options while still being really conveniently located to the airport for early flights.

Hotels Close to Mexico City Airport

It’s better to take an Uber to any hotel off the Mexico City airport campus, versus walking, as the area immediately surrounding the airport is not the safest (especially for pedestrians with luggage), especially at night.

Faja de Oro / Hotel MX Congreso

MX Congreso Hotel

Cost: $$ (Prices around $35 a night) Comfort: **

Book it! Booking.com


I used to stay at this hotel all the time when it was “Faja de Oro”, and it has since been updated, modernized, de-sleazed, and rebranded as Hotel MX Congreso. It’s just a short Uber away from the airport.

The positives are that it is very inexpensive, with 24 hour room service (a luxury you want when you’re arriving at 4am). Negatives are that it can be a bit loud in the middle of the night because of an apparent night club near by, and that the location is not the best.

The location is fine if you’re coming to the city just to get-in/get-out, but note that it is a VERY sketchy neighborhood (make sure the Uber drives into the secure parking lot to let you out at night: don’t get out at corner with bags in the early hours of the morning).

MX Congreso Airport Hotel 2

Some of the rooms have orgy-sized bathtubs

Mexico City airport hotel photos each credited to management, via TripAdvisor

Cost-Saving Options for Sleeping Overnight in the Mexico City Airport

Cheapest way to sleep at Mexico City Airport:

On the bench/seats

Cost: 0$ (Free) Comfort: *(if you come prepared)

It’s definitely not the most appealing of options, but it’s worked for me before. To make the most of your overnight bench stay, bring a water bottle, ear plugs/headphones, and warm clothes (especially during the winter).

The airport is 24 hours, so you won’t get pushed out as long as you have a connecting flight.

To get extra comfortable, bring a travel pillow (the Cabeau Evolution is my favorite) and blanket/canga/sarong/big scarf (I love wrapping myself up in my Encircled cardi/scarf) to facilitate sleeping.


Cost: $ (Included in most lounge passes with travel credit cards) Comfort: **(if you come prepared)

Use your PriorityPass to get into one of the many lounges in the Mexico City airport (both terminals have several choices). Some of the Mexico City airport lounges have 3 hour limits, but this is rarely enforced, especially overnight. I frequently overstay the limit and have never been asked to leave.

For an especially restful sleep, be sure to bring headphones and an eye mask, and don’t forget to set your phone alarm so you don’t miss your flight!

All of these suggestions are just for short-term overnights. If you want to go into the city, I’ve compiled my recommendations (along with my suggestions on the best neighborhood for you!) here.

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Where to Sleep at the Mexico City Airport


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