A Sun Soaked Sister Trip in Tel Aviv: Our Stay at Shenkin Hotel

For our first night in Tel Aviv, my sister Becca and I decided to stay at the super cool Shenkin Hotel.

Sun Soaked Sister Trip: Our Stay at the Shenkin Hotel Tel Aviv

Pour the champagne and let’s get this sister trip started!

[or cava. whatever. I call everything bubbly champagne… just roll with it]

11 Reasons Shenkin Hotel is the PERFECT Choice for a Sun Soaked Girl’s Trip to Tel Aviv

1. Helpful staff

Sun Soaked Sister Trip: Our Stay at the Shenkin Hotel Tel Aviv

We arrived well before the designated check-in time. Instead of shooing us away, the receptionist let us know that our room was almost ready, if we just wanted to grab a coffee or water, some cookies, and chill for a few minutes (which we did, happily).

It was so relieving and relaxing to be able to check into our room and get that bubbly popped (and drank) before making tracks to the beach.

The next morning, another receptionist patiently went through all of the breakfast restaurant options, what each is known for, made suggestions, and explained how to get there by walking.

2. Proximity to the beach

Sun Soaked Sister Trip: Our Stay at the Shenkin Hotel Tel Aviv

We planned to include a LOT of beach time on our two-night trip to Tel Aviv, so one of the most important factors in choosing our hotel was location to the beach.

Israel is HOT in September (actually it’s pretty hot most of the year), and if you stay too far away from the beach you could get burned out on the idea before you even get there.

The Shenkin Hotel was a short and partially shaded (via the market) walk to the beach. The hotel also provides beach towels and beach bags for guest use, which were greatly appreciated.

3. Coffee and cookie bar

Sun Soaked Sister Trip: Our Stay at the Shenkin Hotel Tel Aviv

I love coffee, and Becca loves cookies, so the complimentary cafe bar was a welcome treat for both of us.

I really appreciate the thoughtfulness of this idea. It’s perfect for taking a coffee (for Becca: water) break accompanied by our choice of delicious cookie in the afternoon when the drowsy feeling starts to hit after a long day of exploring.

Israelis are coffee connoisseurs, committed to high quality brews, and the provided coffee at the cafe station was no exception.

The cozy concept is complimented by a cute outdoor (and indoor) sitting area, the perfect place to enjoy your afternoon coffee break. Despite the heat, the shaded outdoor sitting area is cool and breezy.

4. Rooftop sitting area

Sun Soaked Sister Trip: Our Stay at the Shenkin Hotel Tel Aviv

The cafe sitting area is perfect for enjoying a coffee, and there’s an appropriate venue for enjoying a glass of champagne as well. Shenkin Hotel’s rooftop sitting area is breezy and bright, but also a stellar place to take in the sunset or night skies.

While we didn’t take advantage of the sun beds, there’s a very convenient outdoor shower for if you do (and happen to get as sweaty as I do when I’m soaking up the rays).

5. Best breakfast concept EVER

Sun Soaked Sister Trip: Our Stay at the Shenkin Hotel Tel Aviv

Yes, I’ve had some incredible hotel breakfasts. But when you’re on vacation in a new city, don’t you want to get out and explore a bit? Shenkin Hotel understands this yearning, and offers you breakfast vouchers to your choice of 3 restaurants in the city.

Based on the receptionist recommendation, we decided to go with a breakfast at Loveat, and were NOT disappointed. The restaurant is less than a 5 minute walk from the hotel, and on the way to the beach. While we chose patio seating, there’s also an air conditioned, indoor option.

Becca went with the Shakshouka (as usual) and I opted for the Israeli breakfast sans tuna (also as usual). The huge breakfasts also come with your choice of coffee, and your choice of juice. The PERFECT way to start the day!

6. Upscale yet fun design

Sun Soaked Sister Trip: Our Stay at the Shenkin Hotel Tel Aviv

The hotel is trendy and on-point, with a smattering of whimsical design elements. The entire hotel felt very “Instagrammable”, with cute seating, bright paintings, and an emphasis on having fun.

The guest room exuded indulgence and relaxation, yet still felt energetic and uplifting. The super soft and comfortable bed, plush robes, and high end toiletries added to the luxurious effect.

Every girl wants to feel a bit spoiled now and then, especially on a girl’s trip, and the Shenkin Hotel definitely delivered on that dream.

7. Soaking tub and powerful shower

Sun Soaked Sister Trip: Our Stay at the Shenkin Hotel Tel Aviv

All who know me, KNOW I love a good tub, and the Shenkin Hotel delivered! Seriously, there is nothing like a soak after a long day of walking and beaching. Nothing gets sand out like a bath, for realz.

If you’re not a bath person (whyyyyy?), the rainfall shower was so relaxing and indulgent, and the temperature gets super hot like I like it.

8. Lux bathroom amenities

Sun Soaked Sister Trip: Our Stay at the Shenkin Hotel Tel Aviv

Israel is big on Dead Sea everything (so am I, to be honest), and I was excited to see Dead Sea product toiletries provided by the Shenkin Hotel. Especially thoughtful is that two of each toiletry was provided, in anticipation of there being two ladies staying in the room (yeah, I’m calling us ladies).

We also loved the plush robes and soft slippers, and took full advantage. Why wear clothes when you can wear robes? We’re on vacation!

9. Walking distance to everything you want

Sun Soaked Sister Trip: Our Stay at the Shenkin Hotel Tel Aviv

I prefer to walk in any and all situations, even when it’s hot.

Luckily for my sister (who doesn’t quite share the same affinity for taking a stroll in steaming heat), the Shenkin Hotel is super close to everything and anything we wanted to do. The market is basically just down the street, a vast array of restaurants and bars are a stone’s throw away, and you already know the beach is like RIGHT THERE, even if you can’t directly see it from the rooftop view.

10. Solution for non-walkers

Sun Soaked Sister Trip: Our Stay at the Shenkin Hotel Tel Aviv

If you’re not into walking and you also prefer not to take a cab, Tel Aviv is big on bicycles and the Shenkin Hotel provides super cute cruisers.

Ask at the front desk to borrow one.

11. Thoughtful room setup

Sun Soaked Sister Trip: Our Stay at the Shenkin Hotel Tel Aviv

I’ve already mentioned how luxurious the room felt, but it was also very practically and pragmatically set up, especially for two travelers like us.

Having individual reading lamps on each side of the bed seems minor but was so useful. I stayed up a bit later than my sister, working [laaaame] and doing a bit of reading, which I was able to accomplish without disturbing her by using just the reading lamp on my side’s nightstand.

The room was equipped with drinking water and coffee, which was super convenient even though there’s more of each at the cafe bar downstairs. Sometimes, you just don’t feel like walking.

The mini fridge was super appreciated because, well, we really like to snack. If you’re more of a self-caterer, a mini-fridge makes a huge difference.

Necessary Details: Shenkin Hotel, Tel Aviv

Location: 21 Brenner Street
The hotel is smack-dab in the middle of the White City neighborhood (named for the telltale white Bauhaus architecture), which is home to restaurants, bars, and boutiques, in addition to being literally around the corner from Carmel Market and well-known Shenkin Street.
Price: Starting at only $119 a night, room-only
Book direct at the hotel website for the best price (typically a 10% discount off what you can get anywhere else), but Shenkin is also on Agoda.
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How to Arrive to the Shenkin Hotel in Tel Aviv 
To check the latest low prices on airfare to Israel, try Skyscanner , or if you have some date and/or destination flexibility and want to score the absolute lowest prices, try Kiwi.com.
To get to Shenkin Hotel from the airport, you can call an uber ($15 off your first ride with this link), or use public transportation.

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What do you look for in a hotel when you vacation with your girlfriends?


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