Cute and Cozy Homebase for Exploring Vilnius: Oras Hostel

Vilnius is flooded with options for accommodation, ranging from five star hotels to bottom barrel bunk beds. If you find yourself somewhere in between (like me!) and want an affordable but comfortable, convenient, safe, and clean place to stay: I’ve got you

Here’s the top 6 reasons you should be checking out Oras Hostel in Vilnius.

1. Oras Hostel: Walkable location

Stephanie Kempker Edri in Vilnius Park in Lithuaniawalking to the nearby park

While Oras Hostel is not quite in the historic center, it’s just a short walk away (about ten minutes) from most of the major tourist sites.

It is near the other popular hostels, museums, and parks, and there’s a grocery store on the corner with grab-and-go items (salads, sandwiches, and wraps) and anything you’d need for cooking.

2. Oras Hostel: Security is on lock, literally

Stay at Oras Hostel in Vilnius, Lithuania

Married to a security consultant and regularly traveling solo, safety is on the top of my mind at all times.

Oras Hostel didn’t disappoint. Guests receive a keycard to get in to the building (periodically updated so even if someone loses their card at a bar or forgets to return it, your safety isn’t compromised), and the door shuts firmly and automatically after each entry.

I stayed in a private room, and I had a “standard” key entry to my room as well. My room had a huge window onto the street, but is protected from opening up by anymore than just a few inches to catch some breeze (ie no one is going to be sneaking into my room).

Throughout the building in the common spaces, there are also security camera, which made me feel even more secure.


3. Oras Hostel: Cute and cozy

Stay at Oras Hostel in Vilnius, Lithuania

There’s a trend in hostels towards minimalism, which I appreciate because less “stuff” means less to clean, and generally it just looks cleaner.

However, every now and then some homey details are really appreciated.

Stay at Oras Hostel in Vilnius, Lithuania

Oras Hostel nails coziness without going overboard. I really appreciated the cute plant, bright curtains, colorful rug, and bookshelf in my private room.

4. Oras Hostel: Ready for remote workers

Stay at Oras Hostel in Vilnius, Lithuania

Not just for those location-independent warriors (like me!), Oras Hostel is great for anyone who wants to get work done. fast wifi is important for anyone who likes to be connected yet also

The super fast wifi is important for anyone who likes to be connected, but especially those of us working on a deadline.

My private room was perfect for escaping to room for solitude and silence. The room itself was very quiet and perfect for working, it had a window onto the street but I was surprised by how silent it really was, especially at night. I got a lot of work done. also

While I like to work on my bed while traveling, I know not everyone enjoys the back issues that such a bad posture can bring. There’s a table in the common area y0u could definitely use for work (technically it’s for eating, I think, but could also be used as a desk).

5. Oras Hostel: Standard (and beyond) hostel conveniences

Stay at Oras Hostel in Vilnius, Lithuania

I’m sure this is probably vacation blasphemy, but I get tired of eating out when I’m on an extended trip. I love, love, LOVE to cook, so staying in a hostel with a kitchen is really key for my happiness especially on long trips.

Oras Hostel provides a little kitchenette (yay for cleaning), in addition to the preferred amenities of super clean shared bathrooms, helpful front desk, and tour suggestions.

Most hostels provide a take-one, leave-one “library” these days, but Oras Hostel went a step further by providing books in my room as well!

6. Last but certainly not least: incredible value

Stay at Oras Hostel in Vilnius, Lithuania

ie: CHEAP without sacrificing conveniences

I think Oras Hostel is probably the best value in all of Vilnius. Dorm beds start at $8, and private rooms with shared bathroom (like the one in the photo above) begin at just $21.

Necessary Details: Stay at Oras Hostel in Vilnius, Lithuania

You can book direct on the website here, or through Agoda.

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Stay at Oras Hostel in Vilnius, Lithuania

What do you look for when booking a hostel?


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