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What is Multiway Clothing?

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Multiway clothes are versatile, adaptable pieces that can be worn in a variety of ways, allowing you to pack (and own!) less.

While multiway clothing of the past was tacky, frequently polyester-based, and poorly fitting, the multiway clothing of today is a totally different story: high quality, made with natural-fiber fabrics, and flatteringly fitted.

I’ve tested and tried countless multiway travel clothes (I like to pack less and be efficient), and have found a few keepers.

Far and away, my favorite piece of multiway clothing for travel is a multiway travel dress called the Chrysalis Cardi by Encircled.

Why I recommend a Multiway Travel Dress

Chrysalis Cardi by Encircled
Chrysalis Cardi: as a cardigan in Mexico City, a scarf in Stockholm, and a dress in Grand Haven, MI

So. many. options.

Like, at least 8, all of which look great. My favorites include: wear it like a cape on the plane, like a dress for fancy events, like a cardigan for cool nights.

Super flattering

The Chrysalis Cardi multiway travel dress is my go-to piece for fancy dinners or date nights while traveling, and it’s a wardrobe staple while at home. The drapey fabric and included belt ensure that the Chrysalis Cardi hugs your curves in the right places, while providing a bit of looseness just where you want it.

Even Especially if you have an odd body shape (like me!), the Chrysalis Cardi is a great choice for you, as the snaps and the included belt ensure a more personalized fit. I’m top heavy and most dresses stretch awkwardly in the chest area while they’re too baggy in the belly and bottom, and make me look bigger than I am. Not so with the Chrysalis Cardi, as the wearer gets to drape the fabric however she likes, and the included belt accentuates the waist.

Quality fabric

Literally “buttery-soft”. Feels luxurious and snuggly. Doesn’t pill or run

NOT one-size-fits-all

You have three sizes to choose from: Petite, Regular/Medium, Maxi/Plus size. [I went with Petite and it was the right choice]

Made with environmentally-friendly fabric

I am more concerned than ever about fast fashion, and companies like Encircled are excellent antidotes.

The Modal fabric used in the Chrysalis Cardi multiway travel dress is naturally derived from beech-tree pulp sustainably sourced in Europe, and the yarn is created through an environmentally-conscious process. Modal uses significantly less water as compared to cotton, and has 10 times the yield. Further, Encircled’s Modal fabric is OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified, which means no harmful chemicals.

If only all companies made ethical shopping as easy as Encircled.

Ethically produced

Encircled is 100% sweatshop-free. All of Encircled’s clothing is responsibly sewn in Toronto, Canada by fairly paid workers and according to Canadian standards.

Tips for Traveling with a Multiway Travel Dress

Starlet-Style Stay at Haymarket by Scandic, Stockholm: 48 Hours of Fame
my “just in case” dress… which transforms into a scarf, a cape, a cardigan, and a bunch of other dress styles!

Ditch your other “just in case” dress.

I used to always pack a nice dress (on every trip), just in case, in addition to a cardigan for the plane, and a scarf for colder locations. Now, I pack just the Chrysalis Cardi in place of all three of those items. It’s a gorgeous “just in case” dress that does triple duty as a sturdy scarf, and warmth on the plane.

Wear it as a scarf or cape on the plane.

If you get too hot, you can take it off completely (and maybe even roll it to stick under your lower back for support, or as a makeshift travel pillow if you forgot yours. If you get cold, you can drape the fabric around your shoulders and tuck your hands inside. I have received SO many compliments from flight attendants, who notice the quality fabric and love the versatility.

Spot-treat any spills as soon as they happen.

The fabric is surprisingly stain-resistant (and if you opt for the black color like I did, you can’t even really see if you spill), but make sure to treat little spills as soon as they pop up for the best results.

Downsides of a Multiway Travel Dress

This is just a minor thing, but if you happen to create some major damage in terms of spillage and need to do a bit of handwashing, the Chrysalis Cardi does take a while (like, at least 12 hours) to dry. The fabric is definitely not “quick dry”.

Other options

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I haven’t loved any of the other multiway clothing that I’ve tested, aside from a few other pieces by Encircled as well (all ethically produced and environmentally-conscious).

Everyday twist top: Multiway travel shirt

This long sleeve top can be worn in at least 5 different ways, all of which flatter a woman’s figure. This top is best for travel to colder environments, as all of the multiway styling options are fuller coverage and involve long sleeves.

Dressy sweatpants: Multiway travel pants

Be still, my heart! There are finally comfy AF pants that can be worn in public! The fabric of the dressy sweatpants is soft and luxurious feeling (these are the bests I wear on my “treat yo’self” days), and the bottom hems can be worn pulled up for a capri look or pulled down for full length. The waist can be pulled up for a fitted, high waist pant (my preference), or pulled down for more of a baggy, “harem” style. If you’re short, petite, and lacking in the booty department like me (I’m 5’2″), definitely go for an XS, which still feels a little on the baggy side regardless of how I style them.

This post was not sponsored, encouraged, or endorsed in any way by Encircled.

I’m just a HUGE fan of their products, their company, and their ethos, and want to spread the word. Vote with your purchases, vote with your dollars, and I hope more companies follow in their ethical footsteps.

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Top Travel Tool: Multiway travel dress

Have you tried multiway clothes?


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