• Reveillon: Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Rio de Janeiro

    While you’ve got a month before you need to SERIOUSLY consider your New Year’s Eve plans, some of you might already be getting a jump on things… not that I plan my NYE plans like… View Post

    Savoring Salta Argentina

    After a stressful escape from San Pedro de Atacama, Salta Argentina was just what Lavi and I needed. A few nights in Salta, with its sweeping views and charming old streets, passed too quickly and… View Post

    Why I’m Having a Destination Wedding

    Life is short, and there’s no guarantee that we’ll ever have everyone together like this again, or even that our families will have the opportunity to meet again. For us, these extremely special days are worth the investment.

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    The Subjectivity of Luck

    We sat in silence for a minute, four twenty-somethings from so-called “first world” countries, with our infinite opportunities, our excellent educations, and the ability to do pretty much whatever we want. I could never think of myself or my life in the same way again.

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    16 Realizations about Rio de Janeiro: Life as an Expat

    After a little over a year in Rio de Janeiro as an expat, here are my top realizations about the city that I wouldn’t have picked up on as a tourist. Some are silly, some are… View Post

    The BEST Budget Choice in Tel Aviv: Abraham Hostel

    Heading to Israel for not one but TWO close friends’ weddings, I needed to find a place to stay in notoriously expensive Tel Aviv. Ran hasn’t lived in his home country for almost a decade,… View Post

    The Only Athletic Shoe I’ll Pack. Ever. Again.

    I struggled for years to find a comfortable yet small lightweight athletic shoe that looked good, felt good, and fit into my carryon-only packing strategy.

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    How I Make Money As a Travel Blogger

    I don’t have a traditional day job, I don’t have a trust fund, and I don’t have a sugar daddy.

    So how the hell am I traveling so much? And maybe more importantly – PAYING FOR IT?!?

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    Necessary Details: A La Paz Bolivia Guide

    This guide to La Paz Bolivia provides all the information I didn’t have (and some I did) before going to Bolivia’s best known “big” city.

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    Struggling to Commemorate in La Paz Cemetery

    How do you properly commemorate the most important person to shape your life, especially when you are so far away?

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