Tips to Walk the Camino De Santiago

This is the traditional walk of the Camino de Santiago, as the original pilgrims used to do it. Hundreds of thousands of people follow one of its many routes on foot each year.

Camino de Santiago Signage

All segments of the Camino have signposts that are very easy to follow. The walkable paths suit all types pilgrims, from solo travelers to groups and families, with or without pets, and even to disabled individuals. Nonetheless, you should be aware that not all areas a suitable to all pilgrims. A great way to experience the walk is with Camino tours. If needed, you’ll find an alternative path that would divert you from the main one to join it a bit later. Considering that you’ll have to carry your backpack along the way, you’ll need a certain level of physical fitness. Besides, you’ll have to take this into account when setting the number of kilometers to walk per day. Also, keep in mind that you may need to adjust your route as you go due to various issues that may arise.

Physical Training

Depending on the path you choose, we recommend you train before the trip. If you’re already the athletic type of individual, who enjoys various sports and an active life, you’ll only need to get used to walking with a backpack. Spend a few days training. Load your backpack and go for a walk to see how it feels. We strongly recommend you to try various difficulty levels and types of roads, with different slopes and textures. Start slowly, at a relaxed pace and gradually increase the rhythm and the duration of your walks. Keep in mind that walking the Camino is not a race. Your goal should be to build stamina and strength, so that your legs become able to walk such long distances. Your walking posture is also important. Try to maintain an upright posture, with the backpack’s load evenly distributed and you should be fine. The staff will help you correct your posture to walk completely upright. The pilgrim staff is the main element that will help us preserve the correct posture. 

Choosing The Right Shoes

The footwear is the most important thing you have to consider when preparing for walking the Camino. Never use a new pair of shoes, because you don’t know how they will behave. Buy them and use them for a while before you go. Once your feet get used to them, your shoes will feel comfortable. Trekking boots and sport shoes are among the best options, as they are suitable for rough terrain. Make sure that you take a spare pair of lightweight shoes or flip-flops to wear whenever your feet will need some breathing.

When To Walk The Camino

In order to prepare your trip the proper way, you have to decide which time of year to do it. The best season for this purpose is spring, thanks to its agreeable temperatures that will help you feel at ease, no matter how hard you’re going to walk every day. You’ll avoid needing to carry heavy winter clothing. At the same time, you won’t have to put up with the scorching heat of those summer days when everybody feels like staying inside and eating ice cream.

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