Fun and Exciting Date Ideas While Traveling (and at Home)

Dating is far more fun than some people make it out to be. So often, you hear horror stories of dates gone wrong. But where are all the stories about dating gone right? If you’re open-minded and creative, you can have the time of your life dating.

Elevate your travel experiences by adding a few dates to the mix. You won’t believe how incredible your memories will be when you allow yourself to open up and meet other people who are into the same things that you are (or get to know your partner better). Have fun with your time away from home in the company of incredible people.

There are many types of dates you can go on. There is the solo date, a traditional date with one other person, a double date with another couple, or a group date with multiple couples.

Why Dates are Important

Dates break up the mundane and can add a level of excitement to an otherwise ordinary week. They allow you to step outside your comfort zoneand explore different people, cultures, religions, cuisines, and customs. They also spark a sense of creativity in you as you plan your next big adventure in a way that prioritizes fun and exploration. Dates bring you closer together with your partner, friends, and even self.

When you’re away from home, dates make things less lonely. Even if you’re going on a solo date, you can easily find an excuse to be social. Talking to the people you encounter along the way enhances your experiences and allows you to make contact with people you normally might just ignore. 

How to Have Fun on a Date

When you open yourself to possibility, almost any date can be fun. That’s why it’s important to embrace the moment with mindfulness and presence. When you’re fully engaged in whatever it is that you’re doing, you’ll have a much better time. So many people are distracted by their phones these days and missing out on the incredible world around them. 

What to Wear on a Date

There are certain considerations to make as to what to wear on a date. There is no hard or fast rule regarding attire. A good rule of thumb is to dress for the activity, the weather, and in a way that is comfortable and true to who you are as a person. 

For example, you’ll want to wear more casual clothing on daytime dates and more formal clothing to nighttime ones. This way, you won’t find yourself horribly over or under dressed. You’ll also have a much better time hiking, kayaking, or visiting a park if you’re not dressed in fancy attire that is stifling.

Fun Dates Ideas to Try Today

The sky’s the limit when it comes to planning dates. You’ve got options that fit almost every price range imaginable. With a little creativity, you’ll even be able to do some of them completely free. The point is to always be looking for delightful ways to spend your time.

A few examples of fun date ideas to try include: 

Visiting a farmer’s market, picking out products, and taking them home to cook the new recipe you’ve been wanting to test. There’s nothing as delicious as a home cooked meal. The amount of love and effort that goes into preparing one can rival even the finest dining experience. Go on a date to your local farmer’s market and select ingredients for a meal you’ll cook together. 

Going to an art gallery on opening night and enjoying free food and drinks.Admire the creative genius of the artists on display. Enjoy a few free drinks and snacks before going home. You can discuss your favorite artists on the drive home. 

Treasure hunting at a local flea market or thrift store. Go on a hunt for the next best thing you never knew you needed. Flea markets and thrift stores are virtual treasure chests that can be well-worth exploring. Take a day to find out what they might have in store for you. 

Take a self-guided tour of a neighborhood you’ve never visited before.Play tourist in your own hometown. Travel to an area of the city you’ve never been and explore it on foot. See all the sights in a familiar location and take pictures like you would if you were traveling abroad. 

Having a picnic with the best quality foods money can buy.Invest in the highest quality ready-made foods you can afford and go on a picnic. Pop open a bottle of wine and feast on the delicious meal you’ve bought for you and your date. Use this time to talk and get to know one another better.

Organizing a fun city-wide scavenger hunt.Come up with a list of clues and set out to find them. If you locate everything on the list, you’re the unofficial winner. You’ll have hours of fun trying to find the most obscure things imaginable. 

Enjoy regular dates with yourself, a partner, and other couples. The physical and mental health benefits you’ll receive are highlighted above. You’ll get to experience new activities, people, and shifts in perspective because of your willingness to put yourself out there and open up to the idea of dating.

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