My Favorite Kindle Unlimited Book Recommendations

I am OBSESSED with Kindle Unlimited. For less than the cost of a single book, you get a whole MONTH of books at no additional cost! One of my favorite parts of Kindle Unlimited is that most of the Lonely Planet guidebooks are included.

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I’ve been a Kindle Unlimited subscriber for the past year, and these are my favorite (free) suggestions:

The Butterfly Garden by Hutchison, Dot

The House by the Lake by Carey, Ella

Star Sand by Pulvers, Roger

Burying the Honeysuckle Girls by Carpenter, Emily

Grave of Hummingbirds by Skutelsky, Jennifer

The Thing About Great White Sharks: and Other Stories by Wright, Rebecca Adams

Chosen Child by Huber, Linda

Broken Angels by Liviero, Gemma

The Broken Ones by Denzil, Sarah A.

The Vow: A Novel by Goodrich, Felicity

Deliver Her by Donovan, Patricia Perry

The Wronged Sons by Marrs, John

Gone by Brearton, T.J.

She Had No Name by Jai, Annie

No Longer Safe by Waines, A.J.

Girl on a Train by Waines, A.J.

The Evil Beneath by Waines, A.J.

Dark Place to Hide by Waines, A.J.

In the Dark by Patchell, Chris

An Evil Mind by Kizer, Tim

The Traitor’s Story by Wignall, Kevin

Forgotten Secrets by Perini, Robin

The Buried Book by Pulley, D.M.

The Neon Lawyer by Methos, Victor

Hush by Frasier, Anne

Untouchable by Hodge, Sibel

A Necessary Act by Wirt, Tony

FEAR DREAMS by Schneider, J.A.

The Attic Room by Huber, Linda

The Things We Wish Were True by Whalen, Marybeth Mayhew

Interference by Antoine, Amélie

Good as Gone by Gentry, Amy

The Memory of Us by Di Maio, Camille

No Place To Rest by Barnhart, D.L.

Murder In The Family by Barer, Burl

The Quiet Ones by Reavley, Betsy

The Body Reader by Frasier, Anne

The Game You Played by Taylor, Anni


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