Perfect Place to Stay in Antigua Guatemala: Casa Rustica

I always look for local, socially responsible businesses to support when spending my time and tourism dollars. I believe that you can “vote” with your purchases, and when traveling and faced with many choices, this is even more true. Choosing where to stay in Antigua Guatemala was no exception.

In addition to preferring community-conscious and ethical businesses, I have a few other key criteria when choosing an ideal hotel.

First and foremost, I need a high-value hotel, one that provides bang for the buck without breaking the bank (and preferably stays in the $20-60 per person per night range).

I love to stay at small to medium-size family-run or family style hotels, with welcoming touches and friendly staff that make me feel like I’m at home.

I always try to choose hotels in walkable locations, where it’s easy and safe to venture out for a long leisurely stroll in the morning and a lingering bite to eat in the evening.

And last but certainly not least, I really enjoy a hotel that showcases its personality with a unique “wow” factor, whether it’s a delicious locally sourced breakfast, handmade soap in the bathroom, or a fabulous view of the surrounding landscape (or cityscape!) from the balcony.

Casa Rustica in Antigua, Guatemala was the perfect combination of ALL of my criteria.

Casa Rustica the Perfect Place to Stay in Antigua Guatemala

Where to Stay in Antigua Guatemala:

Casa Rustica provides bang for the buck without breaking the bank

Casa Rustica Antigua Guatemala

A beautiful private room with an ensuite bathroom (with hot water!) starts at just $40.


Casa Rustica Antigua Guatemala Casa Rustica Antigua Guatemala

It’s the best possible hotel for anyone in Antigua on a midrange budget. The room doesn’t feel budget at all, and is decorated with gorgeous heavy wooden furniture, a small desk for writing, and even a TV with English channels.

Where to Stay in Antigua Guatemala:

Casa Rustica is small-size and family-style

Casa Rustica Antigua Guatemala

as cozy as it comes

Arriving to Casa Rustica felt like coming home.

Every member of staff that I came into contact with was smiling. From the lovely bilingual receptionist at check-in, to the assistant who showed me to my room, to the young man at the front desk when I checked out – every single person was exceptionally friendly and helpful.

I felt even MORE at home when I found out that the awesome front desk receptionist had lived in my hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan (it is such a small world)!

The hotel itself is small enough to feel cozy, but not too small to be claustrophobic.

Casa Rustica Antigua Guatemala Casa Rustica Antigua Guatemala

The plethora of common area options provides opportunities to meet other travelers (if that’s what you’re looking for), or to just enjoy a cup of coffee while reading a good book.


Casa Rustica has an awesome, walkable location

Walking Around Casa Rustica Antigua Guatemala

As a solo woman traveler, security is always a major consideration. I like to be able to get out and see a city on foot, so a location’s safety is very important to me. Casa Rustica is located just a block from the central park, and a short stroll to many stellar restaurants. Even walking home alone at night (in the dark), the streetlights were very well lit, the sidewalks were full of people, and I felt just as safe as I did during daytime.

The actual hotel is very safe as well, with a 24 hour receptionist and a CCTV system in all common areas.


Casa Rustica showcases its personality with a unique “wow” factor

Casa Rustica Antigua Guatemala

While I loved all the little details of Casa Rustica, the rooftop terrace might have stole the show. With a 360 degree view of Antigua, gorgeous flowers, and ample seating space – this little spot was my favorite in all of Antigua.

Casa Rustica Antigua Guatemala Casa Rustica Antigua Guatemala Casa Rustica Antigua Guatemala

But for me, the biggest “wow” factor stars of Casa Rustica came with the names of Lucky, Laverne, and Shirley… whose story I’ll go into below.


Casa Rustica is socially responsible

Casa Rustica Antigua Guatemala

The owner of Casa Rustica (who has a property group of 11 hotels and 2 sets of vacation rental apartments) is known for adopting street dogs and giving them a second leash on life.

This is a cause especially close to my heart, as I spent several years in the US volunteering at the animal shelter and have rescued dogs of my own. My friends joke and call me the “dog whisperer”, I’ll pet every dog I see.

Dog Whisperer in Cafayate Argentina


I was saddened and shocked at the especially poor conditions of the street dogs during my month in Guatemala, and horrified by the torture and harassment that they endure.

Lucky, Laverne, and Shirley are three of the rescue dogs that found a forever home and a new life at Casa Rustica.

One of the Casa Rustica canines had even been shot by a passing motorcyclist, for no reason, blowing off her leg. Instead of putting the pup to sleep, the kind owner had a surgery performed to cleanly amputate the leg, and she now lives out her days in peace, within the safe confines of the gate of the hotel.

Casa Rustica Antigua Guatemala

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Casa Rustica the Perfect Place to Stay in Antigua Guatemala

Stay in Antigua Guatemala at Casa Rustica

Casa Rustica is located just one block from the central park, and in the center of Antigua.

Prices for a single room with a private bathroom start at just $40, while a double starts at $49. (If you’re down to share a common bathroom, you can knock about 20% off the price). You can book directly on the website by clicking here, or through Agoda by clicking here.

One of the few pet-friendly properties in Antigua, it’s a great choice if you’re traveling with a furry friend.

If you’re not an animal fan (whaaaaat) or you want to stay somewhere a bit different, the Casa Rustica property group has 11 hotels and 2 sets of vacation rental apartments, including three 4-star hotels (all unique: one has suites, one has a swimming pool and spa, and one is set in the colonial style ruins of the historical Antigua convent), two 3.5-star hotels, three 3-star hotels, two 2.5-star hotels, and even a hostel with both private rooms and dormitories. All of the hotels in the property group are located within 4 blocks of each other, and all are within 3 blocks of Antigua’s central park.

At Casa Rustica, you can also book your onward transportation for a total steal of a price (including to Panajachel like I did). Just ask at the front desk.

Casa Rustica Antigua Guatemala

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