Planning My First International Trip of 2019: San Diego, California

By the time my next trip comes around, I’ll have gone six months without any international travel (and to be honest, without much domestic travel, either). This is, by far, my longest stint of staying… View Post

Renewing Your Passport in Puerto Vallarta (or really, Nuevo Vallarta)

Easy step-by-step instructions for renewing your passport if you’re around Puerto Vallarta.

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How to Visit Uxmal from Merida

Skip Chichen Itza and head straight for Uxmal!

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Top 10 Travel Experiences I’m Hoping to Have in My 30s

All the top destinations I’m looking forward to (*hopefully*) seeing in this decade of life. Yay for 30!

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5 Best Shoes for Trekking

Do you think you will be able to go on a long trekking tour with uncomfortable footwear? Surely not! Once you set out on a long journey on foot, you must wear something that makes… View Post

30 Before 30: A Bucket List for That Looming Birthday

Bucket lists don’t always have to be exciting, and this one certainly isn’t.

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All the Jobs I’ve Worked Abroad

I’ve been getting a ton of emails lately all asking one question: what exactly do I do for work abroad?

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10 Best Restaurants for Vegetarians in Merida, Mexico

Merida offers vegetarian options for everything from Mexican food to traditional Yucatan fare to Israeli and Peruvian cuisine and more!

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What’s Going on Around Here? Big Changes Coming to Joy and Journey

I’ve realized that one of the hardest things about being a woman and living outside of your “home” country is the lack of community.

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My Sixth Mexico Move and A Short Blogging Hiatus

A “what not to do” explanation of our first rental experience in Puerto Vallarta.

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