Quarter Life Epiphany: Kaley

An ex-expat (having lived in Japan for 4 years teaching English but now back in Florida), Kaley blogs at Communication is Difficult, and enjoys cooking and food from around the world. She describes her journey,  “I’m… View Post

Quarter Life Epiphany: Emily

Emily advises, “This is the time that you can move to a new city – just because you can. You can go travel and explore different cultures – just because you can.”

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Quarter Life Epiphany: Roxanne

This week’s Quarter Life Epiphany is shared by Roxanne, a 25 year old from Montreal who made a courageous life-changing decision when she set out on a solo journey.

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What is a Quarter Life Epiphany?

Join me in a brief exploration of the meaning of quarter life epiphany… and perhaps begin the journey of what it means to you.

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