Hosteling in the Heart of Riga: Doma Hostel

There’s a misconception that hostels are just for young, broke backpackers. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

While I’m a bit past my prime on dorm rooms and shared sleeping spaces (I’m almost 30, married, and damn I like my beauty sleep!), I know that you just can’t beat hostels in terms of sociability, value, and convenience.

My stay in Riga, Latvia was no exception, and I opted for an awesome stay at Doma Hostel, a hostel in the heart of the Riga.

5 reasons Doma Hostel is the ultimate hostel choice in Riga, Latvia

1. Doma Hostel in Riga: Central location

Hosteling in the Heart of Riga - Stay at Doma Hostel
view from the hostel window

It’d basically be impossible to find a hostel (or hotel) with a better location in Riga. Doma Hostel is smack dab in the historic city center, making it easy to reach each and every tourist attraction you could possibly want to see.

Hosteling in the Heart of Riga - Stay at Doma Hostel

At the same time, the hostel is located down a quiet side street, which means you’re not being bothered by car traffic or late night partiers stumbling home.


2. Doma Hostel in Riga: Super safe

As a solo female traveler, my first experience in a city (and a country, and a region!) can be a bit anxious, as I’m not sure how safe it might be. I didn’t need to worry about Riga, as the city feels incredibly safe, especially in the historic center and even after dark.

Doma Hostel takes that a step further, as guests need to be buzzed in (or type a code) to enter the hostel’s building. My private room had its own key, and no easily-accessed windows (for break-ins)


3. Doma Hostel in Riga: Accessible amenities

Hosteling in the Heart of Riga - Stay at Doma Hostel

Aside from the price and the ease of meeting other travelers, one of my favorite things about hostels is all of the homey amenities they usually offer. Doma Hostel was no exception.

Hosteling in the Heart of Riga - Stay at Doma Hostel

Going beyond just a bed and (very clean) bathrooms, Doma also provides a tidy kitchen, sociable sitting area (and TV), and even a computer for guest use!

The kitchen was especially helpful for me, as I like to break up my restaurant visits by eating pre-made salads or even just veggies and dip. Riga’s supermarkets had a great selection of affordably priced, healthy and light “grab and go” meals, so I took full advantage.


4. Doma Hostel in Riga: Atmospheric

Hosteling in the Heart of Riga - Stay at Doma Hostel

While atmosphere doesn’t make or break a hostel stay, it can definitely add to the experience.

Doma Hostel makes use of the old, original building structure while adding in fun, modern details.

Hosteling in the Heart of Riga - Stay at Doma Hostel

I really enjoyed that I could hear music playing in the main square in the hostel while sitting in my room, working (oh, the downsides of being a location independent worker!). The music ended early (or quieted down

The music ended early (or quieted down significantly) and didn’t interfere with my sleep whatsoever. I go to sleep at 10pm, so as long as you’re not even more of a grandma than me, you should be all set!


5. Doma Hostel in Riga: Helpful staff

Hosteling in the Heart of Riga - Stay at Doma Hostel

Sometimes hostel staff can be hit or miss, seeming either grumpy to be working instead of traveling, or more interested in partying than being helpful, but the staff at Doma Hostel were incredible.

Vineta especially was beyond helpful, providing suggestions about Riga and beyond. She’s quite well-traveled and has a lot of advice to offer! Don’t hesitate to ask her if you have any questions.


Necessary Details: Stay at Doma Hostel in Riga, Latvia

Hosteling in the Heart of Riga - Stay at Doma Hostel

You can book a dorm bed or private room on the hostel’s website here, or on Agoda. Dorm beds start at $10 per night, and private rooms start at $49.

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Hosteling in the Heart of Riga - Stay at Doma Hostel  Hosteling in the Heart of Riga - Stay at Doma Hostel

What do you look for when you stay in a hostel?


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