Expat Moving in Bangkok

My experiences, suggestions, and advice for moving in Bangkok.

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Vang Vieng Kayaking

Blissfully peaceful kayaking (for a very blissful price) during Laos low season

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My Encounter with Thai Police (Expat Life in Bangkok)

Out of nowhere, a group of police officers appeared and sternly motioned for me to follow them.

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It Starts with Words

I’d always said I’d go to Thailand., and never did… Until a one week vacation changed my life forever.

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Beat the Heat in Southeast Asia

Practical, actionable advice for beating the heat in Thailand (and the rest of Southeast Asia)! Use these tips to make your travels a bit more fun and a bit less sweaty.

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Forgotten Passport, AKA Just One Example of Why I Love Cambodia

When I arrived in Phnom Penh to Okay Guesthouse, I went to pull my passport out to give it to reception so I could check in. After I realized it was not in my wallet,… View Post

Mekong Discovery Trail from Kratie to Koh Phdao

Interested in the Mekong Discovery Trail? I arrived in Kratie as the base for my first ever homestay and first ever bike trip (with the Community Rural Development Tours – they’ve recently expanded their offerings!… View Post

Three Hard Travel Lessons on the Way to Kratie, Cambodia

My bus from Siem Reap arrived to Phnom Penh station in the wee hours of the morning, and I realized I was out of dollars and needed to change Thai baht over into Cambodian riel… View Post

The Inspiration for All That I Do and How I Live

I don’t wait, I can’t wait, for some far distant future that may never arrive.

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