A Guide to VPN for Digital Nomads and Travelers

Before I began traveling, I was completely clueless about VPN, what it did and why it could be useful. Today, I have more experience than that and I use VPN constantly whether I am at home or on the road.

To explain the service simply, VPN creates a very private tunnel in between you and the websites you will be contacting. To provide a more in-depth understanding of VPN, I have compiled the following article on using VPN while you travel.

What is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network functions like a private connection between your device and applications and websites online that you wish to access, or to unblock Netflix while traveling. When your VPN is activated, you will be able to access certain accounts, adjust your perceived IP address and keep your information hidden behind a wall of encryption.

This protects all the online activities you may conduct from the prying eyes of hackers and other malicious agencies. Your music, voice calls, videos and internet traffic will all be hidden.

When Do You Use It?

There are plenty of good reasons to use a formidable VPN program when conducting online activities. VPN adds an extra layer of protection between your computer and those out there that would cause mischief.

While you are travelling or living life as a digital nomad, you will find it necessary at times to connect to your online accounts over public or semi-public WIFI networks across various destinations. While you are accessing vital private information at cafés, airports, hotels and other locations, you may find that others can potentially grab unencrypted data along with passwords and financial account information.

A VPN protects your information by creating a private network that eliminates the risk of data theft or security breaches.

AVPN will also allow you to access sites and services that are restricted in some areas. Some governments will block off certain online services like social media, news or entertainment channels. These can be accessed regardless of local restrictions with the addition of a superior VPN –– be sure to include this on your next trip to China.

How Do You Use It?

The use is the simplest of all. As a matter of fact, after you have downloaded the app to your computer, mobile device or laptop you can activate it and forget it. From there on your VPN will keep you safe from behind the scenes protecting your online activates from a server of your choice.

Can I Get in Trouble for Using a VPN?

Possibly, but not if you are careful and cautious. As of today, the UAE is the only country that has regulated the use of VPNs, so be sure to think carefully before pulling one out in Dubai.

Using a VPN to Book Cheaper Flights

Using the VPN from a distant location can also allow you take advantage of different offers like cheaper flights and tickets. Domestic airlines offer cheaper flights within their own country. If you were to connect from your hometown, but with the VPN of a server in Thailand, you may find considerably reduced costs on flights in and around Thailand.