A Guide to Canada’s Most Famous Major Cities

Picking where to go when you’re visiting Canada can be difficult because of how much it has to offer. However, Canadian cities understand the importance of a balance between work and play, allowing visitors to learn about the country while also enjoying their vacation. 

These are the top cities to visit: and why they make this country so awesome.


Montreal is the largest city in Quebec and is North America’s number one host city for international events.  Home to Cirque Du Soleil and an Olympic town (in 1976), this is an amazing city for tourists and locals alike.  Although the main language in Montreal is French, visitors can expect to easily find English-speaking locals since this city is home to almost two million people.

If you want to get to know the home of poutine and other fantastic things that Canada is famous for: this is the city to visit!


Vancouver may be one of the most time-consuming cities to get to: but it’s worth it for this paradise.  Known as Canada’s Hollywood, Vancouver is a filming and media hotspot known as the country’s tech capital.

Gorgeous seaside and mountainous views play against the fantastic architecture of the city and the creative people who live inside of it.  Visitors fall in love on landing, don’t be surprised if you do too!


The most diverse city on Earth, Vancouver sets itself apart in dozens of ways.  Not only is it a cultural hub for those who love art and music, but it’s also an incredibly fun and constantly growing and changing city that ensures you’ll never have two visits that feel the same.

This city is made to delight and entertain, from the countless museums and art galleries to fun tourist spots like the CN Tower that stands out above the skyline.


The capital of Canada, and a great city in its regard, Ottawa will blow you away from start to end.  Countless museums, historical monuments, parks, and gardens ensure this is a city where you can learn and grow as a person, but the fun and creative locals ensure that once the night hits, you’ll get to cut loose and have fun.

This is a great city for families to bring their kids and teach them about the country without worrying about a single boring experience. 


At home in Alberta, Calgary is the energy capital of Canada and works hard to show its understanding and respect for its past, balanced with a keen eye for growth and future technologies.  This is a sprawling city, so you don’t have to worry about too much traffic while looking at Calgary homes for sale, and you can enjoy touring the city and getting to know it from the point of view of a local.

Canada is an amazing country, the second largest on Earth, so although it can take time to get to know, it’s worth it.  Every city here is a fun and unique experience that you’ll want to revisit time and time.