Quarter Life Guide to Boquete Panama

Boquete Panama may be most well known for its position as a top retirement spot for aged Americans, especially after a feature by AARP declared it “something close to heaven ” for prospective retirees. But while it might be… View Post

Homestay in Boquete Panama

While studying Spanish at Habla Ya in Boquete, I opted for an immersive homestay experience for my accommodation. I had been counseled by Habla Ya that a homestay is the best accommodation choice for quickly… View Post

Rio Canyon Hike to Boquete Panama’s Oasis

The Caldera Canyon hike in Boquete, Panama was tough but totally worth it for the oasis at the end!

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Beaches in Boquete Panama? Chiriqui Gulf Adventures

In Boquete, you can have your mountains and beach it, too!

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Boquete Coffee: Made by MacGyver and Washing Machines

I drink a LOT of coffee. In my overly-hungover-yet-still-functioning college days and my working-2-jobs-while-maniacally-working-out days, coffee was the fuel that kept me moving and also suppressed my appetite, saving time. I thought coffee was pretty magical,… View Post