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I started my travel journey 7 years ago, with my first trip overseas to Thailand (which turned into an unexpected move and kicked off my expat life — I haven’t lived in the US since). From the moment I stepped off the plane into Bangkok, I was in love: with the city and with travel. 

I didn’t start blogging until 2 or 3 years later, though. It started off (and has remained) mainly motivated by my desire for connection with others. I want to share my passion for travel, and maybe even inspire others (especially women!) to travel and live abroad.

One of the hard things about blogging, though, is that the actual act of blogging definitely gets in the way of travel and connection. There’s a lot of “behind the scenes” work that goes into creating content.

Whether you’re a blogger, too, or you do something in the online space (or are considering it), I’ve come across a super helpful tool.

Recently I discovered PosterMyWall, a free online graphic design software that allows me to both quickly and easily (two essential ingredients in the life of a busy blogger) create stunning visuals for my blog.

Why visuals matter?

Visuals are SO important to bloggers like me because they break up text and allow for more memorable and engaging content. Everything from collages to videos to quotes really adds a bit of pizzazz to an otherwise lackluster post. Plus, a visually exciting blog post makes the reader want to read on.

I have a LOT of beautiful pictures from my travels that I want to share in my blog posts but it is important to share them in a way that also allows me to share information as well as showcase beautiful, inspiring imagery. For example, making a travel collage helps me share multiple photos together without cluttering my posts; a travel video with fun audio to accompany it can be informational, motivational or simply aesthetic. 

Templates for ALL such kinds of visuals (and more!) are available on PosterMyWall – you don’t need to use different platforms for different visual types. And they are super easy to customize for your own blog or design aesthetic with different fonts and imagery.

Here are a few examples of visuals to add to your blog post to make it look more personal and engaging:

Blog headers 

Headers are essential in today’s world of skim-reading and what make the first impression for a blog visitor. These must be unique and eye-catching enough to convince the reader to read on. 

PosterMyWall has hundreds of customizable blog header templates – or you can create your own from scratch! I made this one using the PosterMyWall editor in only a few minutes. I typically use imagery from my travels but you can add your own or browse through the stock image and video library in PosterMyWall to find suitable and eye-catching pictures.

Travel collages

A collage is an interesting and aesthetic way of presenting travel pictures. It also allows you to use photos that may otherwise not be as compelling by themselves. PosterMyWall is an easy collage maker that you can use to easily add your own pictures and text to make an interesting and eye-catching photo montage or customize one of the hundreds of free collage templates available on the site. Use clipart elements from the PosterMyWall editor to give a fun look to your collage or play around with different fonts to give a stylish and aesthetic effect.


Videos are a consumer’s favorite type of content! You can make your blog more dynamic and lively by sharing your travel videos. Showcase them in exciting ways by adding them to the hundreds of travel video templates available on PosterMyWall and topping with exciting audio – you can upload your own or choose from PosterMyWall’s stock audio options. 

One way to make your videos interesting and unique is by creating masking in videos. It is fun, different and very easy to do using PosterMyWall. Here’s how:

Promoting your blog on other channels

Once you have created a good-looking and engaging blog post, you have to get the word out. When you are promoting it on social media or via email newsletters, remember that these channels also require stand-out visuals to grab the attention of your audience. These are extra important because they will help to attract visitors and make them actually click on your link and check out your blog. Creating these visuals is also made super simple with PosterMyWall. Simply pick a template from the thousands of email header templates and social media templates available on the site.  

You don’t even need to make the same image in different sizes for each platform separately; simply use the free Resize button in the PosterMyWall editor to repurpose the same image for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or any other channels. With the Premium subscription, you can even share your designs directly to social media from the website, or schedule posts for later. PosterMyWall is a huge time saver for someone like me who has little time to spare.


The life of a blogger can be busy (let’s be real; everyone’s life is busy), but the creation of visuals is streamlined and simplified by using PosterMyWall. Check it out and let me know what you think!


A short vacation in Thailand turned into a life abroad with a canceled ticket home. 6 years later and after living in Bangkok, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, and Puebla, Steph is on to her next adventure and living in sunny Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. She is traveling and living around the world to find the beautiful, inspirational, and interesting while sharing it with you!

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