The Best Travel-Related Gifts for Anyone with Wanderlust

Travel-related gifts are the perfect present choices for any world wanderer (including YOU!). They’re basically guaranteed to stoke wanderlust.

Reminding yourself of your amazing adventures, including those yet to come, keeps the travel spirit alive even at home.

Whether you’re treating yo’self, or gifting a beloved friend, any of these travel-related gifts are an awesome way to bring the world home.

The Best Travel-Related Gifts

for the Home of Anyone with Wanderlust

Scratchable Map

This fun AND functional scratchable map looks great on any wall, and lets you keep track of all the awe-inspiring places you’ve been and plot out your next trip at the same time. Frame it for a polished look, or leave it unframed (and use Command strips) like me.

For anyone who tends to move a LOT, this map rolls up easily and you can pack it inside any long tube (or even several empty toilet paper rolls) for safe transport.

This link is to the exact map that was seen on my Instagram Story, and it ships to most countries around the world. If you’re short on space or nomadic, this travel-sized map is the best choice for you (also ships to most locations worldwide).


As children, many of us are fascinated by globes. As an adult, not much has changed for me. I still love being able to spin the globe, looking at each of the continents and imagining how close (and yet also how far) everywhere is.

Globes come in a wide range of prices and sizes. You can go fancy with an antique-style globe, or try a light-up globe like mine.


               Travel-Related Pillow Covers

I may have a few too many throw pillows, on my couch, on my bed, and even in my office. But I don’t mind, because it gives me even more opportunity to cover them in travel-related and wanderlust-inspiring pillow cases!

This map pillow cover to the left comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes and I’m just a bit obsessed with it. The “Never Stop Exploring” cover is perfect if you’re not a big map person, I won’t judge.

 Travel-Related Prints

There are hundreds of travel-inspired prints on Amazon, some handmade, some framed, and some on canvas. Most are extremely affordably priced, and the unframed versions are especially portable.

Beautiful Travel-Related Books

For me, nothing is more inspiring than amazing photography from around the world. National Geographic get the global gold star in travel photography, and I even had this book of theirs on my wedding registry. Some books are so beautiful, they deserve a space on your coffee table or publicly displayed, for a daily boost of wanderlust.

Does your recipient enjoy exploring the United States? Try this book. Is the gift for you, someone who loves planning absolutely epic trips? This is the book for you.

            Inspiring Coffee Mugs

I absolutely love starting my day with a fun travel-related mug (like this one, but I got mine in Bangkok and it matches my sister’s). It gives me a little smile in my everyday routine, and reminds me of my adventures with every sip.

The Best Travel-Related Gifts for Anyone with Wanderlust

What is YOUR favorite travel-related gift?


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