Should I Travel Solo? The Top 8 Reasons the Answer is YES!

When you’re in the early stages of planning your trip, you’ll consider the destination, when to go, what to do… and WHO you’ll be going with.

Maybe you’re considering traveling solo (if you’re not yet, I think you should be!), but aren’t totally convinced.

Read on for the top 8 reasons to make your next journey alone (but not lonely)…

Should I travel Solo - 8 Reasons to Travel Solo


#8 Reason to Travel Solo:

You get to choose where and when your trip takes place.

Railay Thailand Beach Selfie

I went to Railay, solo, for my birthday

All of the initial trip-planning is up to you, with no input from anyone else unless you ask it.

You can travel wherever you want.

You can travel whenever you want.

You don’t need to sync up with someone’s strict work vacation policy, or limit your trip to a certain number of days because your travel buddy needs to get back home.


#7 Reason to Travel Solo:

You’ll meet tons of new people.

The Brits and I at Angkor Wat Siem Reap Cambodia

making new friends at Angkor Wat


While this may seem scary at first (especially for any shy or introverted travelers) – it is a great opportunity to break out of your shell or comfort zone.

Solo travelers are a lot easier to approach than a couple or a group – so you’ll meet many more people than if you were traveling with a buddy (and be more open to it, too). Also, you’ll be more likely to create a true friendship, as only your personality traits and preferences will affect a potential friendship – not your neurotic travel mate’s.

Travel is an awesome place to make new, and sometimes lifelong friends. It’s easier than ever now with skype, facetime, whatsapp, and facebook to stay connected, and reconnect somewhere down the road.

If you need some specific ideas on meeting people while traveling solo, check out this guide here.


#6 Reason to Travel Solo:

You have the opportunity to re-invent yourself.

Waterskiing in Bangkok

I’d usually be a no-go on waterskiing in BKK, as I could suck and embarrass myself but traveling solo I’ll try it!

When you’re traveling solo, you get to be who you really want to be, without observers or judgments from your “other” or past life.

No one knows you or your past, so you can truly be yourself.

This reinvention doesn’t have to stay as some sort of secret travel identity, it can improve the rest of your life. You can create your version of your best self (“find yourself”), experiment and test it, confirm it, and bring your newly found identity or characteristics with you back home.


#5 Reason to Travel Solo:

A solo trip ensures it is “YOUR” trip.

Yangon Myanmar Selfie

spending 4 hours at this temple chatting up locals and waiting for the sunset, with no “tangible” benefit other than this blurry photo? YES – because I want to

Without anyone there to complain about or influence your plans, your travel days can unfold exactly how you want them.

Your trip will be uniquely you, 24/7, with no need to compromise. You’ll get everything you want.

By seeing all of what you want, and none of what you don’t, you’ll have the most customized trip to your likes and dislikes possible.

You’ll also be able to plan around your cash flow alone, not uncomfortably overspending to match a friend’s lush bank account, nor disappointingly scrimping to help a friend stay on a super tight budget.


#4 Reason to Travel Solo:

You’ll have endless opportunities for self-discovery.

Mexican Restaurant Koh Phi Phi Selfie

I discovered I like Mexican food enough to eat it 3 meals a day, no joke

Being alone with your thoughts gives you the time and space for self-discovery and reflection.

You’ll realize what you like or don’t like (because friends and family aren’t there to influence your opinions).

The only influence on your experience is wherever you’re traveling.


#3 Reason to Travel Solo:

Solo is the most immersive way to travel.

Bangkok Tourism Police

full immersion – making buds with the Thai police

With no one there to distract you from your new surroundings, you’ll be able to truly take it all in.

You’ll spend a large part of your trip watching, observing, and enjoying. Your mostly silent voice (because, likely, you don’t speak the same language) gives you the best opportunity to listen.

Because you aren’t caught up in a conversation with your (nonexistent) travel partner, you’ll be more open to meeting locals, easier to approach, and easier to invite along.


#2 Reason to Travel Solo:

You will learn true independence.

Taking the ferry is slower and cheaper than the flight - and also atmospheric and great for reading!

all I need is myself and a good book to get through a delayed ferry (I’ve switched to a Kindle, the app is free)

Every day, you’ll be forced to challenge – and overcome – fears and insecurities.

But in overcoming those issues, you’ll gain self-reliance and a heightened sense of confidence. You’ll have no one but yourself to thank for your victories, your triumphs, and all that you accomplish.

You’ll also become independent by spending time with yourself. You’ll learn to enjoy your own company and form the strongest friendship that can never fade away – with yourself.

You’ll find you don’t need anyone else for your happiness.


#1 Reason to Travel Solo:

This is your life.

Monkey Stare

be silly, have fun, see the places of your dreams, take selfies with monkeys – whatever you want to do!


This is not a dress rehearsal for your life.

You can’t spend all your time waiting for the real thing, the right guy or girl, or any other XYZ you (or society) comes up with to hold you back.

Don’t wait for someone, something, sometime. All you need is you – and you already have that.

Nothing in life is for certain, and that thing you are waiting on – well, it may never come.

Don’t put off your dreams, of travel or anything else – do it now.

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Should I travel solo? 8 reasons the answer is YES!

Why do you (or don’t you) travel solo? Do you have any advice for would-be solo travelers, or questions of your own?

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