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  • Why I'm Having a Destination Wedding in Koh Tao, Thailand

    Why I’m Having a Destination Wedding

    Life is short, and there's no guarantee that we'll ever have everyone together like this again, or even that our families will have the opportunity to meet again. For us, these…

  • Living in Bangkok Pros and Cons

    Living in Bangkok Pros and Cons

    Bangkok is a crazy, chaotic, messy city with a lot of positives (like delicious food, awesome transportation, and CHEAP living) but maybe just as many negatives. …

  • Bangkok Monks Wat

    Chanting Monks in Bangkok

    Before Bangkok, I had only read about Buddhism and Thailand. They were far off ideas that I dreamt about but never could have imagined how it would end up.…

  • Bangkok Shutdown Peace for Bangkok

    Bangkok Shutdown

    For weeks, the major intersections of the city were shut down, as people protested against the corruption of their own government. Many only hoped for peace.…

  • Thailand

    Koh Samui Beach Shot

    Koh Samui Beach Koh Samui was not one of my favorite islands, overall. It definitely has its fair share of flaws (prostitution and mafias among them). It’s pretty expensive, and not…

  • Railay Sunset Thailand

    Railay Thailand Sunset

    Railay, Thailand is my favorite place in the whole, entire world. If I could spend a night again, anywhere I've ever been... it would without a doubt be in Railay.…