Writing, Blogging, and Social Media

Want to break into social media and blogging for your company but don’t know how?

With degrees in both Psychology and Religion, and years of experience in marketing, sales, and most recently travel blogging, Steph can help get your message across both thoughtfully and effectively. The goal is to surpass your standards.

Steph works with a diverse set of travel and tourism-related companies, ranging in size from 2016 Olympic sponsors to small one-person tour start-ups, with everything from social media, to press releases, to blogging.

With social media, Steph can provide full service assistance, including writing weekly tweets and researching and scheduling Facebook posts. If you are looking for a more DIY solution, she can provide tutorials and guidance for getting started in the exciting (and sometimes overwhelming) world of social media.

Prices start at $50 for short articles, and $10 weekly for social media management (per platform) for the most basic package.

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