20 things not to forget for your vacation when you are a woman

Always be prepared for your break – you’ll enjoy the experience so much better. So here are 20 essential items you should be taking along.

20 things not to forget for your vacation - 1

Sun lotion

Travelling to sunnier claims will involve a lot of exposure to the sun. While it is tempting to take full advantage of this and strive to achieve a nice tan, the sun’s rays will cause long-term damage. Always use generous amounts of lotion to screen sensitive skin.


Travel documents

It is essential that you take with you the required paperwork in terms of passports, driving licenses or any other documentation. Insurance cover is also vital in certain situations.



Your hair is liable to come under a lot of attention, whether you are dipping into pools or splashing around in the sea. Some hotel rooms provide hairdryers, others don’t. Better to have a totally reliable one packed away.



You want to enjoy your holiday without falling ill because you’ve left tablets behind. Far better to take a supply of pills to counteract dodgy stomachs, dehydration or any other situation than sourcing them locally.



A quick flirt with a dashing stranger lies at the heart of many holiday fantasies. But always take care before embarking on casual flings.


Sanitary products

Remaining comfortable at all times is crucial, so you’ll want to be able to relax, especially if you’re abroad at those times of the month.



An essential item of equipment is your camera. Recording your foreign experience for posterity is an integral part of any holiday.



With most companies offering competitive rates for different countries, you shouldn’t be worried about keeping your device to hand. So handy for snapping or consulting vital information about locations, too.



Many holidaymakers love nothing more than lounging on golden sands, so ensure you pack your favorite costumes.



You don’t want to be squinting out of the airplane window before you’ve even touched down. Shades should be slotted in a convenient pocket from the outset.


Reading material

There will be periods when you just want to chill. A good book or eBook reader will keep you relaxed.


Phrase book

It can be awkward visiting a different culture. To avoid misunderstandings it’s useful having a ready supply of convenient phrases to hand.



One thing guaranteed to ruin your entire vacation is to fall victim to a pickpocket. Far better to carry around all your valuables in a secure storage.


Change of clothes

No holiday location in the world can offer weather that is 100% guaranteed. Tropical temperatures can plummet when the sun goes down.


Credit cards

Nobody wants to be carrying around large amounts of cash with them. Cards are much more convenient.



iPads and other electronic devices are so easy to pack. They’ll come in very handy in the event of monsoons keeping you stuck inside!



It’s always good to have a ready supply of sweets or savories to nibble on. This will stop you from overeating at the hotel banquet and feeling ill afterwards.



Foreign countries often have completely different sockets to the ones you’re used to at home. Adaptors will solve this problem immediately, and won’t take up too much space in your luggage.



Hotel towels are not always the most comfortable. Far better to pack away one of your own you can rely on.



Again, it’s all about keeping as comfortable as possible when you’re staying away from home. Supply of toiletries you are familiar with will ensure you stay focused on other aspects of your holiday without worrying about shampoos, soaps and suchlike.

20 things not to forget for your vacation - 1


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